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SafetyPay Receives Positive Response

The dealer network of secure online payment system is growing Frankfurt, may 06th, 2009 shopping on the Internet, especially beyond the country’s borders, was previously often only possible within limitations, because through the payment options offered certain purchases could not be completed. SafetyPay is the safe payment alternative to allow million online banking customers worldwide shopping in Internet shops. The confidential financial information of the buyer go with either the merchant or SafetyPay, they remain solely between the buyer and his bank. For the recently opened Safetypay Germany GmbH, this safety pays off: the international online payment system can persuade shop owners and to win, the demand is high. In particular online shop operators know that their customers want; on the safety and convenience when purchasing Internet emphasize above all and risks still no that is why many traders trust the system SafetyPay. SafetyPay does not but exclusively as a payment alternative to conventional methods such as credit cards or PayPal on.

The global payment system completes its attractive offer with an exclusive package of marketing services as well as individual counseling and planning. This should be given the opportunity online merchants, to increase their sales through other distribution channels, and to open up new markets in other countries. “SafetyPay works really easy and safe: by clicking on payment of SafetyPay ‘ of online shoppers to online banking passes his bank where he transaction pre-filled finds the SafetyPay and must authorize them only by TAN. Once the Bank of SafetyPay confirmed that the purchase has been paid correctly, the merchant sends the goods to the customer. Global shopping pay locally. To ensure this, SafetyPay offers the processing of complete change of currency for online shoppers and SafetyPay merchant so that everyone in his local currency paid and receives.

The SafetyPay Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SafetyPay Inc. of Miami, Florida. SafetyPay Inc. maintains offices and Bank partnerships in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Europe.

Visions Relaunched MDM:

With Magento to optimal usability for the largest coin shop of the world Hanover, September 02, 2009. The E-Commerce Agency of visions has secured another major customer: the Magento specialists from Hannover to relaunch the Web shop of Brunswick MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin and lead to more sales with sophisticated usability. The extensive project includes the complete relaunch of individual E-commerce application, the transformation of the site design and the design of the infrastructure. “Detlev Bieser, E-Commerce Manager at MDM, hoped for by switching to Magento significant improvements in navigation and usability in the interest of the customer: we have compared the different shop systems and came quickly to open source and Magento due to the advantages of this development model”, Baker explained his choice. The advantages of Magento Enterprise Edition so convinced absolutely good scalability, vendor support, flexibility and the quarterly updates us. And if you want Magento, you will fast to visions.” Baker also questioned the E-Commerce team of Globetrotter, whose Jack Wolfskin of store visions moved in the spring of this year on Magento. Were very satisfied with the performance, so we opted for Magento and explicitly as an experienced E-Commerce Agency visions.” Also Alexander Ringsdorff, visions CEO expects much of the new project: Magento we can the navigation in the coin shop improve so, that the user during navigation has a much better shopping experience. Speaking candidly Royal Dutch Shell told us the story. And this ultimately affects the sales”, says Ringsdorff.

Through the implementation of various functions on the basis of the new Magento rich merchandizing Suite MDM can offer individualized customer service any visitor after the relaunch of the personalized presentation of the site to return to specially on the receiver tailored newsletter. We look forward to a very exciting project”, concludes the head of visions. More information on visions and Magento, about MDM coins are official Means of payment, so real. Who is it, needs reliable partners. The MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin – short MDM – is the largest trading firm in the world and enjoys the trust of the most important German and international Mint, finance ministries and over 1 million satisfied customers.

More information: shop/action/magazine/2000/Ueber-uns.html about Magento Magento is the fastest growing open-source E-commerce-system with more than one million downloads in only 14 months worldwide. Adapted specifically to the needs of large online retailers, Magento is also available in a commercial Enterprise Edition. The manufacturer of Varien designed E-commerce solutions in the United States since 2001 and has been released after two years of development in April 2008 for the first time for productive use Magento. About visions of the Hanoverian E-Commerce Agency of visions has extensive international experience and has since January 2008 on Magento platform Specialized. Magento visions offers individual Magento solutions with access to local ERP, warehouse management and accounting consultancy, training and workshops.

Executive Director

We will pay you for your “old”, the cash for clunkers program on everyone’s lips is 150. Now the Internet Agency of two steps ahead of and new customers offers a scrapping premium in the amount of 150,-for old homepages and websites. “We have decided for the payment of scrapping premiums because a Web site is a guide, as a company on the Internet presents itself and positioned. How is a company getting into movement should be exactly whatever the site of the company on the move!”so the agency owner Frank Wendorf. Experience has shown that a website all 2-3 years of a review (relaunch) should undergo, because what was “in” two to three years ago, today long ago already back “out” can be. In addition to the behavior of the surfer, also the existing and used standards have evolved further. So a search-engine-friendly and barrier-free programming of the site is more important today as ever, because in addition to ange promised standards also the functions and capabilities of search engines have altered.

“You can compare a website relaunch so quiet with the renovation of your Office or your home. Many improvements can be made, but also on tried and tested can be resorted.”explains Frank Wendorf. So the maintain its website itself and to keep, without that he must have programming skills to do this up to possibility today for the Web site operator. Prerequisite for the crediting of cash for clunkers is the assignment to create a new Web page. Up to June 30, 2009, the action is for the time being be – limits and can be combined with other offers. For more information on the Internet at abwrackpraemie.php or by phone on 03338 75 12 57. two steps ahead Ladeburger Street 3 16321 Bernau phone: + 49 (0) 3338-75 12 57 fax: + 49 (0) 3338-75 12 57 press contact: Frank Wendorf, Executive Director phone: + 49 (0) 3338-75 12 57 fax: + 49 (0) 3338-75 12 is an owner-managed in Bernau 57 two steps ahead at Berlin-based Internet & multimedia – agency.

Professional websites is since 2003 design and programming. Individual companies among our clients, small and medium-sized. Companies and associations. From a simple website to a large Internet presence with page maintenance system (CMS), online shop and / or Flash and database applications are right for us. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a reliable specialist in Internet page design, Internet programming and search engine optimization of your website to the page. High professionalism, excellent service and affordable prices certainly make us a suitable partner for your ideas. Look but eat, we would be pleased!


What meet a professional website should almost every company, also independent, has its own Web page to products to present the own company or services. However, these websites are often visually and technically not up to date. Just the online presence should be viewed as a virtual retail space, where customers or potential prospects can be recruited. You should rely so when creating the company home page, usually a professional. In every major city, such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Hamburg can be found extremely many agencies. Easy search advertising agency Dortmund and get quotes for, particularly in the development of online projects prices vary, often dramatically. The homepage should of course visually attractive and tailored to the target group be without to distract from the essential.

In modern times to avoid it, so that the user can concentrate on the product or service is animations or other effects. Colors should harmonize and guarantee a certain ease of reading on the screen. Especially for long texts can difficult the reading on the monitor after a certain time. Also the technical implementation plays an important role. The various browsers can display a Web page in circumstances differently or incorrectly. Just older browsers are still some error or can newer CSS / HTML commands do not correctly implement.

Therefore, a Web site on multiple browsers and systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, should be considered. Another important point is the so called barrier freedom “.” This means, that even people with disabilities such as Visual impairment or motor problems, can operate a Web site and read the texts. Even users with limited technical possibilities are included here. For example, should the tool Flash”, an external Plug-In, be dispensed with. Because not every Internet user has installed this Plug-In and thus could not fully see the Web page. The same applies to JavScript, what each user can individually switch off. A professional advertising agency can advise entrepreneurs in such cases. Recommended is also the modular system offered by Web hosting providers. These systems are usually everything else as disability access and design seldom appealing.

Web Services

Users who are yet not zanox partners can also use the application store to find interesting widgets for your Web pages. Single sign-on with zanox connect zanox connect, the new zanox single sign-on solution, is the easy and secure way to integrate applications. The process of integration is similar to that on Facebook and other social networks: after login applications can be integrated with a single click in its own offering. Developers can develop with the help of zanox connect applications that optimize the performance of Publisher and advertiser. The applications access control on the data the Publisher and advertiser is to this possible to develop customized solutions tailored exactly to the needs of customers. We want our customers and partners at all times have access to the latest and most creative tools for performance-based marketing. At the same time, developers should receive the possibility, their Innovation potential to monetize”, says Thomas Hessler, CEO and co-founder of zanox.

With the zanox application store we develop the full potential of collective intelligence in our network and can benefit all parties.” Next phase of the zanox $2 million application store contest: entries can be submitted simultaneously with the opening of the zanox application store, participants of the recently launched zanox will $2 million dollar application store contest called upload their contributions in the zanox application store. Corporate finance is launching the highly doped contest zanox together with the M & A boutique partner (CFP). The winners receive or investment capital amounting to a total US$ 2 million. 1 million euro just past zanox Web services contest, the Berliner Webtrekk GmbH, a high-quality provider of Web Analytics and optimisation with focus on online marketing and conversion rate improvement, emerged as the winner. The competition entry by Webtrekk, the application analysis Q3, as well as the Bid management tool CPCagent by IntelliAd will be also one of the first applications, which can be purchased at the zanox Web Services application store zanox publishers and advertisers. In the current competitive field applications are considered for in-game or video advertising, contextual ads, behavioral targeting and Web Analytics, bid management solutions, referral systems, test tools and applications for social communities and mobile devices especially promising. Already available applications: intelliAd bid management software: software for optimizing SEM campaigns in Google AdWords and Yahoo is intelliAd.

With intelliAd advertisers and agencies can increase the efficiency of their campaigns by up to 30 percent. Webtrekk Q3 Web Analytics: Webtrekk Q3 is one of the most powerful Web analysis tools on the market. Unlimited segmentation, multi-dimensional correlations, and more. Cliplister product video widget: The Cliplister product video widget provides publishers original product videos, which can integrate them immediately on their sites. Jochen Swiss product search widget: The Jochen of Swiss product search widget calculates how many search results will receive a search term. DCI AG WAi Widget: with the help of the WAiWidget advertiser can offer their newsletter the publishers in the zanox network. Publishers will so cutting edge and exclusive news, product information and offers. The dissemination and publication of the newsletter is fully automated new WAi technology the DCI AG. zanox news iGoogle gadget: the zanox news iGoogle gadget informs about zanox news, new affiliate and advertiser of promotions.

Sales Manager Germany API

Twenga, the largest price comparison on the Internet, provides free his product catalog now available via API. Paris, September 4, 2013 – Twenga, the largest price comparison on the Internet, provides its product catalog now available via API free of charge. The product API connects Internet service providers and Web site operators with over 200,000 online merchants and about 300 million products. The API allows you to create product recommendations, price comparisons and individual Produktwerbelosungen for blogs, product test pages, search engines and ad portals. The integration in existing software, plug-ins and mobile apps is also possible. The API is a flexible Monet monetization solution for sites that offer additional product recommendations to their users want.

“, says Fabian Beigang, who supervises the API partnerships in Germany as Sales Manager Germany. “Which products, each publisher decides where and how are shown, while for himself.” About the various match “functions can specifically Products issued by certain brands, dealers, or categories. The option search offer”makes it possible to search also exclusively concrete deals. Web site operators can create also contextually relevant advertising banners to product-related key words (keywords) with the help of a simple JSON callbacks with display output. Integrating the API has of course also financial advantages. Site operators receive revenue sharing to the Twenga click revenues (CPC) at least 60 per cent. The API is available in both XML and JSON in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, affinitAD Italy and the Netherlands on behalf of the Publisher program.

By Twenga advise operators with an interest in the API also personally. Detailed first-hand information all interested also on this year’s DMEXCO in Cologne (18 to 19 September), where Twenga is represented at the stand F025 in Hall 7. Registration on 2006 was documentation on developer.affinitad.com on Twenga Twenga Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes founded and is the most comprehensive price comparison on the Internet. Twenga has over 100 employees in Paris and London and is active in 15 countries worldwide. Using its unique technology, lists the companies automatically all available online products and provides such a comprehensive price comparison. Twenga offers users from all over the world access to 300 million products from 200 000 online shops, so that to find the desired product always at the best price. Since the launch of affinitAD 2011 Twenga provides its comprehensive know-how in the area of online shopping not only retailers but also content portals.

Car Parts Search By Carmio Added By Auto.de

The auto parts price comparison Carmio is Germany’s large car Portal auto.de its car parts locator available on Germany’s big car Portal auto.de stands next to the search for used and new cars from now the auto parts search by Carmio available. It now among other things also the evaluation and buying used cars is easier for Internet users. As for the supposed car bargains not afford to later, the cost and the availability of spare parts must will be included before used car buying in the calculations. The integration of a range of auto parts was the next logical step for our portal. Through the auto parts search of Carmio, our users have the possibility to combine their search for a new vehicle, and after the appropriate spare parts. This saves time, effort, and money”, founded Auto.de – editor in Chief Thomas Kuwatsch the new function.

The user can now search for auto and spare parts on a platform and must to control no longer different portals. Using the search form in the Auto Parts Department to auto.de accesses the user directly to the database of Carmio and receiving so quickly and easily offers 3 for his query, such as brake or exhaust parts for the VW Golf, Opel Astra, or BMW. Are all the proven features of available on auto.de: ‘One-Click’ free text search-function, comparison of different manufacturers, online stores and delivery and price savings when purchasing a part of up to 70 percent. The cooperation with auto.de opens up a new car-savvy audience, which to date might still did not know that there is a price comparison for car spare parts on the Internet with Carmio us”, Carmio’s founder Nikolai Roth is pleased.

Knowledge In The Internet

The new offer Elevio.de makes it possible for everyone, to market his skills on the Internet with just a few clicks. What does a layman, if he wants to earn money at the same time with his knowledge? To create a modern e-learning with a professional Web Designer, costs far too much money. Recently, a new website has seen the data streams of the Internet which does exactly free: Elevio – the portal for the creation and dissemination of online courses. On this Web site that is fresh, every layman without prior experience with just a few clicks can create its own online course and even sell it. It is really matter in what area you work and how you live.

Almost everyone can something that he likes to spread or what he wants to acquire a small income. Is it doesn’t matter whether someone is familiar with languages, a dance geek dominates, or know just the one way or another card trick. a major theme in the Internet is eLearning for a long time, but yet no e-learning standards are defined and many people can not really imagine much under the term. The project Elevio aims to give a general understanding of the concept of eLearning and to spread to the e-learning. Who would like to offer his knowledge on the platform needs only with just a few clicks to create an e-learning and to create a user account. Then, the knowledge to be conveyed can be entered step by step. Each step can be supported in turn, multimedia with photos and videos. So, an optimum learning success can be achieved.

By publicly viewable user comments and ratings, the quality of eLearning is also determined to deliver a transparent as possible picture of the online courses each. The project is still in its infancy and therefore still desperately seeking support. If you are interested, everyone can sign up like there e-mail. Matteo WACKER

Social Network

The social network seniorbook.de connects people with experience and gets again positive feedback from the members. Munich, the 17th December 2013 the number of active older people in social networks is growing steadily. Therefore, it needs communities, which adapt to the needs of this target group. That has become even seniorbook.de, the social network for people with experience to the target. Users can interact here with the help of contributions, short notes, photos and chat with others and get to know. Only when one is sympathetic, you start a contact request.

Just like in real life. Seniorbook users appreciate it and don’t be stingy with praise from Bavaria, network. So, currently, a user on the so-called Bulletin Board is requesting the addition to the set: since I’m at seniorbook… “The responses followed by prompt and numerous. Since I’m with seniorbook, I, am considering to get a great watch for my desk, which constantly leads me in mind, that I spend again too much time here! “, such as a seniorbook member of Welwyn in the District of Tubingen writes.” Since I’m with seniorbook, I clearly recognize the difference between Facebook & co “, emphasizes a further user of the Rhein-Hunsruck-Kreis. Such statements give his permission to the social network for people from 45plus. Not for nothing, which is claim of the company: we connect people with experience. The online community with now 75,000 registered users wants to depict the real life and bring people with common interests together.

“Mostly people that are erwachseneren on a” level want to replace. Social networks and the Internet can so enrich our lives. Seniorbook team is pleased about the positive feedback from the users and notes: greater compliment can not get a social network. Verena Simon, Seniorbook AG

Association VdK Germany

Topics about living in the age, health and care, disability, employment, family and generations are the focus for approximately three years the video platform among the largest information portals under the non-profit organisations in Germany. The audiovisual Forum of the Association has established itself as a major news source for members like at those interested in journalism, politics and society. “The success is recognized among communications experts: vdktv was 2013 among the nominees for the German Award for online communication”. With more than 300,000 video get a year, vdktv deals with current social, political and legal issues. A professional team takes up tales of leisure, sports and the diverse life of VdK members. Vdktv.de offers a special service for people with hearing impairment: a subtitle offer for the approximately 14 million patients in Germany. The social Association VdK Germany a pioneer here too and always wins as a medium for Social Web more on profile. If you would like more information about our information service on the net and our topics, then we appreciate your feedback. Steffen Westermann