Impressive it is the evolution of the marketing (MKT) that happily it walks of hands given with the evolution of the technology of the information (YOU) and the medias. Much was seen recently, less than fifteen years behind, a commercial establishment to soon announce in its faade and the fixed telephone and nothing more. The MKT in such a way in the ways printed as in the radios and TVs, what it was had to announce, is the products, it was only the address and fixed telephone. Currently the website, as being a powerful instrument of MKT, came with total force, mainly in these last years. Thanks to the Internet each accessible time, we can make purchase and until renting one flat without leaving house.

God blesses the technology! This without citing the innumerable possibilities of interaction saw Internet. has people that it inquires still me regarding if having a website. As one web to designer I am suspected to speak, but it is fact that a company today that not to possess one, will be predestinold to the death, professionally speaking. Coming back to speak of the ways of communication, is of if frightening that, to less than ten years behind, still the minority showed a beautiful cellular telephonic device, the celebrity ‘ ‘ tijolo’ ‘. Ah that homesicknesses of the tijolo! He was great, heavy and feioso, but he was top of the technology, therefore you could go to any place and had a telephone to the disposal to bind at any time and not only when she was in its residence.

I remember my father to show all proud its cellular device, that it used exhibiting in the waist, if was to currently, of far somebody could swear that it had armed, haha! This was really marcante! But the things had nowadays moved very. Certain time I came across with a child in the line of shopping, in a beautiful afternoon of sunday, with a cellular device of more modern of what mine, they astonish! I was thinking what it could make with as much technology to the disposal, after all, is alone a child. Then, I have that to admit that today I have one smartphone that it only lacks to make a capuccino! This thundering evolution in the ways of communication started here in Brazil in the start of this new decade. Still in the first years of the new millenium the thing was shy, as they say for there, started as one marolinha and suddenly it came one where giant of practical new features and a cativante appearance, however expensive for the pocket of the Brazilian. The new features that arrive and in very little time are many to assimilate. At my time of college I remember that they had asked what was what I had. I, is clearly, was showing in my table one ‘ ‘ fantstica’ ‘ newness for the year of 2006: a MP3 Player you are welcome more, nothing less than 128 mb. I confess that until today I have it in my drawer of the office, to keep memory. Who knows daqui one years not seeing for the Internet for a good price! After all it has taste for everything, how many collectors does not have for there behind these rare parts?