The Ethnographic Field Work In Nursing

The ethnographic field work in nursing research The ethnographic approach can be approached from the study within the field of nursing, whose stage is the actual hospital environment, where the protagonists are a multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, nurses and auxiliary nurses from different shifts from the inpatient unit. A study centered and focused on the leadership of nursing care quality, all managed through techniques of participant observation and semistructured interviews. Following the approach to research that may develop can provide a remarkable success, despite the staging of research activities from a theoretical point of view are truly reasonable and allow a wide validation of data that can be subsequently collected for analysis and reporting, "For statistical purposes, socioeconomic and quality of care" is not easy to do the job field by the protagonists themselves. If we address the immediate and follow-up to a multidisciplinary health team in their daily tasks, both at health as an administrative nature, it is likely that conflicts between the medical staff and health is not optional and observer team members and the investigator. Disputes may arise, conflicts of interest, rejection, and the unpleasant feeling that staff outside your unit if it interferes in their daily tasks, take notes, attend to everything he does, what values and analyzed. Health workers in the study and very professional person, you feel attacked, some more, others more light, but deep down every human being feels discussed during the discharge of their duties, demonstrates a degree of dissatisfaction and discontent.