Altina Magalhes Coast the communication is an inherent phenomenon to the human being that since its more primitive time it searchs to develop different forms of if to communicate with its fellow creatures and each day the level of evolution of the thought of the man allows it to communicate itself of more efficient form, and in this to evolve constant the technology has been a great partner contributing so that to each day the people if they communicate more and better breaching limits and borders until then unimaginable. The orality and the writing are discursivos sorts with its peculiarities also already very commented, for the agreement that if dealt with well different forms of language, with proper characteristics.

Also in the past they were seen as practical of communication independent between itself, however today if it knows that of that already was argued the point most excellent it is that both occur in differentiated conditions of production, reflect a greater or minor dependence of the context as well as of its interlocutors. The Internet is a propitious environment for development of the orality and the writing, it of the consistency to this process for being a net of interactive communication that provokes changes, in the culture, the society and the individual use that it, these changes if reflect in the forms to act, to think consequentemente and about the used forms of language until then. To each access internauta reorganizes the thought, it constructs and it reconstructs says/to orality and the writing to it. It is through the exchange of agile and efficient information for the world-wide net of computers that the development and the integration of the orality and occurs it to the writing in diverse virtual environments as: emails, blogs, orkut, to twitter, rooms of beat papo and other virtual supports that promote the dialogue digitalizado and give its contribution so that internauta uses its orality of desinibida form, a time that the subjects are diversified and the readers/writers or interlocutors are differentiated.