Hard Drive

Free space on your hard drive a full hard drive slow down your operating system. Although this is technological equipment which, every day, have more space to store information, they are filled with easily trash due to poor maintenance, the constant use of Internet, malicious software and constant installation of programs. So your computer is operating properly, you should leave some space. Here are some suggestions: 1. Simple: Use of Windows Cleanup. Windows has between his native tools suite a cleanup that seeks information on the disc of the files that you can safely delete.

It is possible to delete some or all files from the list that the application displays at the end of the analysis. 2 Defragment your hard disk after free space. Windows Disk Defragmenter makes the least amount of space between files so that the system can find more quickly and effectively. To defragment, stacked files, space is freed and the system runs much faster. 3.

Empty the Recycle Bin recycle regularly many times forget to empty the Recycle Bin, and although they are files that do not already appear in the folders where they were, they still occupy space. Get rid of these files regularly and save resources. 4. Keep copies in portable formats (CDs, DVDs, memory sticks) many media files (music, photos, videos) occupy much space to ensure sharpness. Keeping them on removable media, it is possible to have more space on your hard disk. They are small tips to keep your system running fast. Information technology offers solutions but also requires care that only a responsible user can offer. Original author and source of the article.