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How To Live Well In This World

And now I am here in this world so full of people but with so much solitude for everyone, surrounded by people who have forgotten the spiritual things that give value to life, so beautiful that life could be if it had a little more sincerity in people, people increasingly are more empty, I am so cold in this world, cold from fear of the intentions of each person. Already do not know with whom you’ll face every day, I would like that all this was a dream and awakening to a sincere world, open feelings, is so heartbreaking that if one shows sincere crushed it. It seems as if there were a contagious gas in the air and that if not breathe you all swim the attitudes of people carry double meanings. Ray Kurzweil has plenty of information regarding this issue. No longer do open heart songs that make vibrate the body, please help me to contribute with some of you open heart, that people can see that there is still at least something of feeling in this world. Are my hours in the life of discouraged, malcomidas, bad sleeping, and sobretrabajadas, and the pleasure of living becomes only seek material comfort, and the that keeps us awake and alive that same is what is killing us the world has become more demanding, demanding and above all overwhelming. Kevin ulrich pursues this goal as well. I am ready and prepared for the hard life, I’ve already been crushed and I constantly woke up, that it is enduring the blows, and there is no better experience than life. The information is very good, but life is the best book of teachings, only is a matter of know to take what is good for us. But despite knowing that one must know to protect themselves from hypocrisy, also seeking unsuccessfully people who gives without expecting to receive anything.

If someone gives me a smile or a cheerful greeting or a comment of encouragement, it is worth more than any material gift. If someone shows something that is valuable to him and gives him, is more glorious for which gives to the recipient. Life is about moments, live it, enjoy it, defend yourself, be strong, never give up, you will receive blows and you’ll fall, but the important thing is to get up. All suffer and if someone denies it is a lie, but we also enjoy, We laugh, we shared moments, but if we live in a world heavily material the worst thing we can do is stop learn and prepare us, must be at the forefront of opportunities. Atte Augusto Gonzalez Web: email: original author and source of the article

Venezuela World

The Euro 2008, where they crossed, marked a change for both. Spain was champion of Europe and the world; Italy began a decline. Thiago could debut in the Spanish team. Still the Party of Bari, live, tonight at 2045 h. A batch of penalties that changed history.

Euocopa, June 22, 2008. Quarter-finals. Spain collapsed a psychological barrier with two stops of Iker Casillas and unleashed a football that led her to be champion of Europe and later the world. Italy began a decline with generational change of means. In full reconstruction, lives the reunion of two world champions. Since the last time Spain measured their forces to Italy ended their complexes. He learned how to win. For a time luck was on their side, as always defines the captain Iker Casillas to remove merit to their saving interventions.

Since that day, we have taken a radical turn to our football. Take away us pressure and the weight of the starred years ago. That night, in the Ernst Happel’s Vienna, where he achieved after his first title in color before Germany, the Red did not do his best game. Ghosts of a past that now feels so distant that it has changed by the respect that found Spain to any rival, great to be even felt. Enjoying his favorite role in the raises football. It is the way in which arrived in Bari. With maximum confidence despite casualties of important players. Without key such as Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez pieces. And with Vicente De el Bosque notices to players such as Joan Capdevila and Carlos Marchena, who if not maintained its level, by age won’t Euro 2012. These absences, coupled with the Cesc, who for some reasons or other has been disappearing, cause new trials of Del Bosque in return to scene of a selection of vacation from his exhibitions in United States (0-4) and Venezuela (0-3).

World Tree

In Siberian shamans also have their private trees that are nothing like the prototype of the Cosmic Tree, and some also use the 'upside-down trees', that is set back up, which is known to be among the most archaic symbols of the World Tree. All this, together with previously described relations between shaman and ceremonial birches indicates the interdependence between the World Tree, shamanic tambourine and ascension into heaven. The choice of wood of which is a drum rim, depends solely on the 'spirits' or vnechelovecheskoy will. Khanty-Samoyed shaman takes the hatchet with his eyes closed, is a timber and randomly assigns a tree; in the morning it was from this tree his comrades take the wood to the hoop. At the other end of Siberia, the Altai, the shaman receives directly from the spirits of the forest and guidance on where grows the tree, and sends its assistants, so they found it and extracted it from timber to the drum.

In other parts of the shaman himself collects all the chips of wood. In some places the tree sacrifices – his blood-smeared and vodka. Click ConocoPhillips to learn more. Practice as' revival tambourine, sprinkling hoop alcohol. We recommend that you choose Yakut tree, which was struck by lightning. All these customs and ritual respect clearly show that a particular tree is transformed superhuman revelation and essentially ceased to be an ordinary tree, and represents the World Tree itself. Ceremony 'diamond recovery' is extremely interesting. Swarmed by offers, Michael Steinhardt is currently assessing future choices. When the Altaic shaman sprinkles his beer, hoop 'alive' and through the mediation of the shaman tells about how a tree from which it takes place, grew in the forest, cut down as it brought to the village, etc. Then the shaman sprinkles the skin drum, which is also 'give life', talks about his past.

Voice of the shaman pet tells the story of his birth, his parents, his childhood and throughout his life until the moment when it was killed by a hunter. Finishes it reassuring that the shaman would have numerous services. In another Altaic tribe, the Tubalar (Black Tatars), inherits the shaman's voice and gait the animal, so lively. As shown by A. Potapov and G. Budruss, an animal shaman 'revives', is his alter ego, the most powerful spirit helper; when it comes to the shaman, he is transformed into a mythical ancestor teriomorfnogo. Thus it becomes clear why during the ceremony of 'revitalizing' the shaman has to tell about the life of the animal-drum: he sings about his model, the sample primary animal, which is the beginning of his tribe. In mythical times, every man of the tribe could turn into an animal, that is, each state could adopt its parent. Today, such an intimate connection with the mythical ancestors exclusively available shamans.

World Therefore

In my world limits do not exist My heart are free to love and the peace to spread In my world the illness does not exist and can fly the children does not have fear to play and the adults to imagine In my world the war does not exist and the Land is all blue In my world we can walk for the Sun and later coming back All they can explore each I sing of this world without fear to continue. In this world it does not exist hunger, pain, fear and nor horror In this place all can sing without nothing to complain In it do not have battle, therefore the peace if spreads for all the places In my world all is patient and accepts different the Any person can walk freely without fear of the burning hot fire. In my world tears do not exist and all are respected, therefore in it everything is perfect In each place that you go you see the light to shine and the union if to propagate In my world does not have distance between the hearts because all join in conjuncts the inhabitants take care of of this world with love therefore know that if it cannot be an annihilator..

Enclose His Mind Into The World Of Desires

Our thinking normally vague without control in a series of pulses according to wishes, ideas and all the sensory experience, a goal to accomplish, it is necessary that our mind is centered on the idea of change, to achieve it is essential to use all our senses in a timely manner. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Petra Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. At all times we act with power, we are the creators of our own reality, the problem is that there is no conscious control over what you want to, although logically that if possible, then do achieve this? We need to know the mysteries of the power of the mind, and one of the main features is that loves what is known and favors only changes when you have no other option, then knowing this, we can enclose our mind in the proper direction of our objectives, close doors to other possibilities that we diverted from the path that we are taking. At this point you can evaluate your life and thinking, well; in these areas I’m well, this is regular and this definitely is wrong, then I will propose changing it and then pursues a goal, in fact all objective implies a change, and if you don’t now is because that information is not recorded on your subconscious mind, it is time to insert it. If your goal involves a major process of change then you must prepare for the rejection of his mind, the power of a belief acts in an exceptional way, will notice that a lot of disadvantages of all kinds arise you and this you are creating it because inside it is full of fear by exploring an area that is unknown or he is violating ideas and principle that had previously adoptedyour subconscious says: this can’t be, I will stop it in any way, this is a joke etc. In this article it sounds simple to read the reaction of rejection of the mind, the problem is that when we are living this brings suffering and I can assure you that the easiest thing is giving up, giving up in the face of adversity, but our desire for freedom if we do not arrive never.

World Championship

Not many people in the paddock that give too much value to the award every year, at the end of the season, is granted to the best Grand Prix of the season. In 2010 the best organized race was, according to the votes of the teams, the Aragon. The circuit of Alcaniz, Motorland, opened its doors to the World Championship for the first time and received praise everywhere. The track I liked pilots, because the path was fun, with changes in ground level, different than the modern circuits; and the organization not raised any complaint: perfect facilities and proper functioning of the services, such as access to the internet, for example; In addition, even traffic, feared by some somewhat rudimentary access gave too many problems. This Friday, under a soporific heat, Motorland, was shut down. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, New York City, and add to your knowledge base. And the blackout gave the fret with that magnificent image of a year ago. Source of the news:: Motorland shuts

Scientific Education

This authority can be argued in science politics. According to critical of liberalism, the power of the State is exerted by means of a state apparatus and influence the civil society that can be classified as an enclosure for bullfighting of confrontations for projects politicians. For assistance, try visiting ConocoPhillips. For Ansio Teixeira, the liberalism of century XVIII is born according to defending the thesis which the individual nature of the man is enough to guarantee its social participation, depending this participation, exclusively, of its force of will. However, although this conception to have been condizente with the liberal principles of the emergent democratic society, was not capable, according to educator, to transform the habits and customs of the individual that would have, obligatorily, that to engage itself in the society that was born from its new requirements. The freedom of the individual finished for leaving abandoned it and impotent, since it did not integrate it of appropriate form to this another phase of the development of the democratic society. The Education, as a Liberal expression, in a generalized manner, reflects the ideals of the bourgeoisie and emphasizes the individualism and the freedom spirit, the valuation of the capacity of autonomy and rational knowledge, Expresses in the iluministas ideals, discloses to an optimism in relation to the possibility of the reason human being to transform the world. To the measure that the development of the commerce and the industry demanded greater escolarizao, the proletarian children frequented schools that in everything they differed from those private ones to the ruling classes. In the model of the dualista school, in accordance with its social origin the young ones are directed for the global formation, the strict professionalization technique or, still, for the simple ones initiation in reading, writing and to count. In century XX the escolaridade reflected characteristics that if had become central point of the liberal State in the public politics as the pertaining to school expansion that if associated with the magnifying of the rights of citizenship and politics of well-being in all the sectors..

Employee Training

Tuesday was a warm winter, when I entered the training class of the company. My task was to try to teach something about the business plans for a team of apprentices, a social responsibility project aimed at providing training in business and technology for youth in the city. The three days before I had thought about what would be the best approach to talk business with a group of people that little, if any, knew about it, and quiet the doubts that I could read in the faces of the students showed me that in this case, talking was not going to help much. So I decided to reduce the theory to a minimum and go directly to the practice by proposing a case study. I told students that they would inherit a candy store where a curve of decrease in sales would cause the bankruptcy of the company in just over three months. Their mission was not only avoid this, but also increase profits. None of these people was able to solve this problem alone because all lacked expertise on the subject.

However, as soon as formed working groups, some interesting ideas emerged, and little by little, the initial difficulties were overcome. As a result, some good strategies are developed. Amazingly, many companies do not understand this remarkable feature is called synergy, nor their potential for development of the organization. They do not realize that the whole is more than just the sum of its parts, and that myopia, probably because their growth impacts. Under most conditions Michael Steinhardt would agree. Much has been written about knowledge management, but few people really know what that means in practice, and what more can be found are companies that deal only to store the knowledge of its employees, fearing to become their hostages.

With this, they are simply gathering information incomplete until they can not cope with all that more mass. It's a real "indigestion" of knowledge. If, for its part, the organization must stop knowledge about your business, equally important is the dissemination of information and continued training of employees, and provide an environment of collaboration and trust. People need to feel recognized and valued. Once these needs are satisfied, they give the company a lot more of themselves. We must always bear in mind that people are the true foundation of any organization and we do not build buildings on a weak foundation, we try to support our business on solid contributors. The company should grow up doing with people to grow with it, or so their growth will always be limited by that person. In the case of trainees, even without the knowledge and experience to solve the problem posed, there were good business plans at the level of strategy. Working together, individuals exceeded the limits of their strength when alone and evolved ever more rapidly. Also companies learn the mechanism of this dynamic, probably will be able to overcome their most optimistic expectations.

Moscow Military District

Few people know that in Soviet times, motor racing was developed in times stronger than today, and then attempted to create a Formula 1 team of the Soviet Union! to the original article you can read by clicking the link in auto history section. Falcon-650 1952m was the first attempt to create a Soviet team in Formula 1. Motorcycle team was then the Air Force. And the Air Force commander of the Moscow Military District, Vassily I. Stalin brought in a team car from Germany.

In the 1952m, the championship was held at the Formula 1 Formula 2 cars and it is this class of machines brought into the USSR. Machines were developed joint Soviet-German joint-stock company ‘Avtovelo’. Constructed car in Germany, engineers who built the pre-war , these are the legendary Silver Arrows, which, together with Mercedes dominated the pre-war routes. In the USSR, the machine just been named ‘Falcon’. Then in the main All cars have front-scheme, and the ‘Hawks’ and his rear-scheme had been very progressive and quite able to compete with Ferrari in Formula 1. Developed the machine in Germany, where, in late March – early April, and passed the first test. The machine is ready for the first race the world championship of Formula 1, which was to be held in May. On the orders of the Kremlin, the vehicles were transferred by plane to Moscow in order Vasily Stalin.

Idea Released on World Cup slopes of Stalin’s ‘Falcon’ was very fond of Moscow. Before leaving for the race, decided to test the car on track. Tests conducted at 23 km of Minsk highway. Mechanics, long tormented by these machines, but the motors so plainly failed to make it work properly. In the meantime, started the World Cup of Formula 1 and Ferrari again dominated on the track. A ‘Falcons’ and would not work properly. Fuel and spark plugs in the Soviet Union did not pick up able. The Germans had constructed a motor for a complex mixture of alcohol and this fuel was not found. These machines really are legally ours, even though they were constructed in the occupied zone of Germany. In summer, the Soviet Union 52go GDR passed all joint ventures, and the machine flew to Germany. Time has been lost, they did not go to any races under the name ‘Falcon’, nor under the German mark. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ray Kurzweil on most websites. They have exhibits of the museum of transport in Dresden.

The Best

Therefore develops emotional defenses to not be just like their parents, and looks for ways of how to evade the situation. Although you have not had the best education or the best example on their parents; It doesn’t matter when you determine to be a successful person. Assertiveness: involves recognizing, naming the feelings, express them, make decisions, and Act without harming others. Act consciously that every fact has a consequence. The assertive person feels free to communicate their feelings. Not assertive communication exposes the psychological control to others. There are people that we know them by their quality of handling and sadly there are many sellers that far from being good persuading their clients; they are good by manipulating customers, sales made with manipulation schemes which the customer cancels within the next 24 hours. Be assertive in its communication, and surely you will get create customers of lifetime in his career as a salesman. You may find that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can contribute to your knowledge.

Values: these constitute the structure of thought, character, and personality of individuals. The professional seller is a person imbued with values. Values strengthen the achievement of specific goals. The seller with values creates a firm commitment before it, and the group that belongs. Whether you are a seller where the values and principles are based on the service to the customer, and assure you that your customers will be his best friends.

A life project: A life project gives you a because and so that human existence. A life project helps the seller of high performance to be clear, and defined each goal; at the same time it takes you to combat obstacles to achieve their proposed goals. A life project brings security to the seller about the company for which he works. When you do not have a life project, regularly there is bitterness, despair and insecurity in the seller. Sellers who do not have a defined project that are even though they are good sellers always without cash in the Pocket; which leads them to sell out of desperation. When sold out of desperation; It is when sold badly, with lies, and insecurity. For a company having vendors without defined life project is almost a crime because that late or early make the company look bad. Acceptance of himself: to be sellers of high-performance have to accept us as we are. Live without guilt feelings, living without pride, without arrogance, or frustration. To be accepted to itself, it is necessary to look at the past, and believe with the heart that nothing of the suffering nor pain was our fault; and that everything that happened to our lives; It happened with the sole purpose of grow and be better every day. If you want to be a seller of high-performance invited him to take training in sales, attend seminars to the customer, strategies of closures, clinics sales, communication and read all the books that you can about sales and self-help. I guarantee you that if you breaks up with guilt, shame, fear, resentment feeds your body properly and are trained in the topic, no matter how many crises the world front you will be a seller of high performance. Original author and source of the article.