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Delicacy In The Duisburg Zoo Conceals Death Toll

Whale and dolphin protection forum: Protests to the World animal day the Wal and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) calls for information to the previous death toll of dolphins and the disclosure of the breeding books of the Dolphinarium of the Zoo of Duisburg and the supervisory authorities so far but in vain. Now, the Dolphin protector of the WDSF and the Organization of ProWal want to show next Sunday from 11:00 at the main entrance of the Duisburg Zoo for the release of the dolphins. The marine mammals to find a future in open supervised sea lagoons. The Allwetterzoo Munster has already responded to the growing protests of animal rights activists and announced that the delicacy will be closed in 2012. Official rationale is that no money is more for modernisation in the city’s coffers. Dolphins are not suitable for a position in captivity”, mean the demo initiators Jurgen Obodo (WDSF) and Andreas Morlok (ProWal). Celebrities support comes from Dolphin advocates and ex-TV-flipper trainer Ric o’ Barry, for the Bay” received an Academy Award.

“Buy any tickets for Dolphinariums, also not in Duisburg, he left align for Zoo visitors. An intense correspondence battle between the WDSF and supervisory authorities, in which the environment Duisburg claimed that no death figures and test documentation would be before him for the delicacy raged for two years in Duisburg. Zoo Director Winkler switches also stubborn and answered no WDSF requests. The active supervisor of the country regardless urged the environmental Office in Duisburg, to hand over the requested information data the WDSF. The WDSF suspects so far over 40 deaths in the Duisburg delicacy, which apparently should be hushed.

The higher technical supervisory authority, the State Office for nature (LANUV), the requested deaths: “it is true that in the Duisburg Zoo, as well as other facilities, deaths of the dolphins are. These relate to old animals, but also calves.” But is silent about the exact number of deaths LANUV. On Sunday, the 03.Oktober, a day before the World animal day, the Dolphin protectors of the WDSF and ProWal want to now get air their anger and alert the public to the suffering of the dolphins. The welfare party has announced their support. But also the most recent Dolphin protector of Germany will be: Adam Jason Grimm (7) is the patron for the Atlantic ocean conservation project IMPACABA and was recently with his grandmother on a whale-watching tour in the United States. WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo

State Crown

Overview of the regional contractors for tree care, tree care portal specialists lists regional, which have special services for the working at height and in trees in their portfolio. Since not all gardening and landscaping businesses offer this hochspezialierten specialist work in the height range of trees, then they are explicitly listed in the directory for tree care with their offerings. Specialist providers for work at height in tree care work on behalf of private owners, property managers, municipalities, counties and countries. In the tree care portal is here listed, what techniques the branches high up in the Crown and in the upper part of the tree trunks are used. Crown maintenance, as well as work in the branches requires tree nursing work in the Crown, in the sparse branches, as well as on the trunks of the trees, a high level of technical skills, appropriate device and a sensitive handling with the tree. If a tree becomes a danger to humans or to the traffic jam, the arborist shall commissioned and in some cases check what state of each tree in the altitude range is. Arborist detects disease of the tree and therefore a danger of dying off and overturning on the State of the Crown and of the branches at the top as well as on the State of stem and bark. Simple knowledge in horticulture is not sufficient to detect tree diseases and other hazards on a tree.

Therefore only such specialists are listed in the regional lists of tree care on the Internet, which employees have a solid tree technical training. Each site presents itself and its services and describes the techniques for tree care, as well as the equipment is worked with clients on the tree, as well as in branches and Crown. Deciduous and coniferous trees In the tree care directory such specialists can can enter tree care, providing complete packages for gartenpflegerische work on trees including Crown nursing and working at height.