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Incentives In The Economic Crisis?

When incentives for businesses make sense that economic forecasts have been revised once again in the last few days down. Each 5 company in Germany has already introduced short-time working. A wave of layoffs is threatening for the summer. There, the question of how they want to keep their employees happy and motivate top performance prospects this often arises with HR. Many companies have carried out incentives or events as a special treat for well-deserved employees in the past. But the question is now, if company not better employ their resources at the moment in other areas, as extravagant getaways for their employees to organize. On the contrary”, so Dr.

Anne-Katrin Straesser, Ph.d. economist and Managing Director of extraordinary incentives, especially in times of economic recession it is important, to take the uncertainty achievers in the company and to whip up on the business objectives. Experience has shown that there are less than 20% Employees who are responsible for more than 80% of the company’s success. Exactly this group of employees can motivate not only through the usual discharge reward systems, but also requires an inspiring environment, opportunities for personal growth and an exceptional recognition of their exceptional achievements.”in addition, that still very much money is being made in many companies. Therefore you should expire just now in a kind of rigid but more strategically to serve the market. Also motivated staff these include.” However, just the implementation of incentive travel as an incentive instrument is problematic if savings are carried out on the other side, anxious employees to your workplace or already had to accept pay cuts.

In such a case, the wrong signals are certainly used with incentives. Therefore, companies should examine their current situation and consider what methods they can motivate their employees for good performance. Accept the conditions the company still, incentives are a successful instrument. Businesses can check in a free screening test under whether incentives bring the desired return on investment. The test shows the conditions under which incentives are a worthwhile investment or which companies should refrain at the moment better.

PASS Customer

Stability and performance with each 9.3 points rank in second place. The release capability and the customization of the software follow them. The ergonomics of the software with 7.3 points ends up in last place. Whether a software customer service specially designed on an industry is not particularly important to the company according to our study. We conclude that many of the requirements in the customer service industry across closely resemble, and that industry-specific characteristics are to be drawn through the customization of software.” How and where learn company software and customer service experts, was investigated in the study by PIDAS also the question. Therefore, face-to-face talks are a very important source of information for 75% of decision makers. Websites and newsletter are for less than one-third of importance.

Competitors are a relevant point of contact to other advisers for only 6% of respondents to inform service providers and software solutions. The results of the study provide us with important insights for the development of our software solutions and services. Since the employees are obviously extremely important multipliers, and since your contact to customers for the perception of the company of great importance, we will support here our colleagues even better in the future”, says Hans-Peter Uebersax. The net promoter score, which we have identified in the course of the study, us is definitely positive. A study of PASS, for example, shows that the NPS in the automotive industry, which is characterized by high customer loyalty, moving at an average 23. With an NPS of almost 33 PIDAS issued thus an excellent witness of their customers get.” PIDAS is a service company specialized in the field of customer service environment on the development, optimization and operation of service organizations in the business and IT. The company with offices in Basel, Graz, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich was around 280 staff in 1987 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of POLYDATA group in Zurich founded in in German-speaking of Europe. We incorporate the elements of strategy, human, organization, and technology in our solutions and use in our projects on our customer care concept.