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Professional Training

"Brand name – this is a marshal's baton in the knapsack soldier …" EM Egorov Developing the creative part of the training of students is an essential pedagogical task of higher education. By standard third-generation requirements for graduates of all disciplines, aimed at the practical implementation to students skills and abilities. Academic education specialist in the design includes the study of basic design, architectural history, cultural heritage, classical drawing and posing, etc. In an age of rapid development of information technology another task of a specialist in the field of design has become modern and possession of software that allows to realize the most ambitious projects in digital form. Ownership means the creative process design, execution of search designs, composite making the design of objects, as noted in the state educational standards, promotes professional competence of the graduate school. Especially want to draw attention to the development of abilities students to see, simulate, and implement, it would seem the most incredible transformation of design patterns in real forms and objects.

This requires, among other things, knowledge and technology, architectural and design formation, the main artistic and industrial production, capacity use in the methods and means of graphic design and visual communications. One of the many areas of modern Design is rapidly developing in recent information design (media design, multimedia design of the product). It is based on the practice of artistic and technical design and presentation, with ergonomically to work with information sources and services, features, reporting, and psychological criteria for the perception of human information, the aesthetics of visual form reporting and other factors.

Tetra Champion Brazilian

Yumito Armelite remains as 1 placed in the Brazilian and So Paulo Rankings of Sinuca. *Tetra Champion Brazilian; So Paulo Champion *Enea; Champion *Penta of the National Circuit; of Pantries of Brazil; *Campe of the I National Pantry of Sinuca; *Bi-Campe of the Ip Pantry (SP); *Bi-Campe of the Guarulhos Pantry; *Campe of the Volkswagens Pantry; *Campe of 13o Championship of Summer of the Miami Snooker (Age the only woman between 32 participants); among others that they totalize 40 headings more than and decides recognized for the CBSB. Carmelite account that the majority of its pupils is men and that it is a penalty that in Guarulhos (where it inhabits) has so few women who want to dedicate sinuca to it. The lessons are always individual, 2 hours for pupil, and Armelite folloies each tacada, each movement and adds saying that she is extremely demanding, but the results are very rewarding, therefore the majority of the pupils participates of championships in hall, level customer, and is a satisfaction to deliver the trophy of Champion for the pupils. Carmelite account with much joy that two of its new pupils had participated of the So Paulo Championship Category Silver 2010, and had conquered vice and 3 place. Currently Carmelite Yumito Minister Lessons of Sinuca in some famous halls of Snooker, one of them is the Snooker Pompia Bar where the lessons are gratuitous. For bigger information on the Lessons of Sinuca: It enters in contact through: Email: Twitter: @carmelitasinuca Telephone: Yumito Armelite: 11-3436-3707. Cellular: 11 – 9363-7110. He set appointments its Lesson and he knows all the Secrets to be Champion or Champion in the Sinuca with who he understands Everything on Sinuca.