Vilinha People

vCidadezinha, pobrezinha. Lost interior almost that where Judas lost the boots. vUma village, thus is called by to be same a village of small city, others has calls industrial village, twisting the nose with looking at of preconception very they call the slum quarter, and says I have fear to go There it has people badly dressed, it has thief, that ugly children of foot in the soil, exempts me to God I do not live there never, simple casinhas, cats, cachorros walking of There pra Here, of here pra there, people that pass hunger, vSem job, without chances, route without dignity, drugs is natural who does not use cannot be part of the community, but it has good people there, happy people, it does not only have culture, almost without rights to go and to come full families of love pra to give and to educate its children vMas needs to abandon them for long work hours, children in the streets vQue sad devorados angels, for the politics publishes nobody is imported and here I am Happy v I know who I am v SOCIAL INAQUALITY