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No Security Deposit Thanks To SmartKaution

Online portal offers bank guarantees as a cheap alternative to security deposits Berlin, September 1, 2010. Rather than to deposit large sums of money as a security deposit for a long time the landlord, tenants now at SmartKaution.de can get a foolproof guarantee of Bank around the clock and in just a few minutes. The bank guarantee is then deposited instead of security deposit: the advantages of the SmartKaution for the tenants are obvious: no months waiting for deposit redemption and above all no double deposits for new and old apartment for rent. And also an already deposited security deposit can be brought back again and is the tenant for new acquisitions and investments available,”explains Bernd Schlutt, Executive Board of the Berlin company MKB security deposit, the benefits of SmartKaution for tenants. Also, bank guarantees have an unlimited duration. The SmartKaution is fast, easy and secure. “Instead to advance the total amount of the security deposit, the tenant pays a year only 5 percent of Deposit, as well as a one-time processing fee of 120,00 euro. The minute rapid application SmartKaution.de the applicant is checked also automatically on his credit, so that the bank guarantee at the same time is very safe for landlords and tenants.

The SmartKaution offered by the MKB security deposit AG in cooperation with the SWK on online – banking-specialized Bank. And also for landlords, the product offers many advantages: save yourself a considerable administrative burden, which goes hand in hand with security deposit accounts and are paid out in the Burgschaftsfall by the SWK on first request Bank. Additionally, their tenants of a professional credit check are subject. And the best: with the SmartKaution landlord assume any financial obligations. So, the security deposit for all parties is no longer an issue.