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The protein concentration in the diet must be set according to the individual needs of the dog. Deficiency symptoms make the dog sick, excess leads to obesity and to fast growth, which of the musculoskeletal system can lead to diseases. Essential fatty acids are very important in the metabolism of a mammal. Of course, dogs are no exception. These acids are included in high quality, for example, in sunflower oil, which makes it a good ingredient of dog food. Animal fats, however, are not well suited to provide the dog’s metabolism with essential fatty acids. Low-quality dog food is characterized usually by a high proportion of waste products of animal or vegetable nature. Animal meal and barley do not belong for example in dog food, the dog not to process them and are therefore unnecessary fillers.

Preservatives and Dyes or even Attractants should be a healthy dog food also not included. Dog owners often wonder whether industrially manufactured dog food meets the requirements of a healthy feed quality. A long time has been considered dubious, until new EU standards have meant that the current market for animal feed from companies dominated, meet the high quality requirements. For this reason, industrially-produced feed meet today usually demands a healthy dog food unless the buyer noticed the markings and selects those feed his dog needed. However, it is safe for a dog a very special pleasure to receive food, prepared especially for his needs and to his liking. The dogs forest Hotel Karwe therefore has its own kitchen for its four-legged guests and guarantees a real vacation for man’s best friend. DOGS forest HOTEL KARWE GbR Karwer Heath 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80

State Crown

Overview of the regional contractors for tree care, tree care portal specialists lists regional, which have special services for the working at height and in trees in their portfolio. Since not all gardening and landscaping businesses offer this hochspezialierten specialist work in the height range of trees, then they are explicitly listed in the directory for tree care with their offerings. Specialist providers for work at height in tree care work on behalf of private owners, property managers, municipalities, counties and countries. In the tree care portal is here listed, what techniques the branches high up in the Crown and in the upper part of the tree trunks are used. Crown maintenance, as well as work in the branches requires tree nursing work in the Crown, in the sparse branches, as well as on the trunks of the trees, a high level of technical skills, appropriate device and a sensitive handling with the tree. If a tree becomes a danger to humans or to the traffic jam, the arborist shall commissioned and in some cases check what state of each tree in the altitude range is. Arborist detects disease of the tree and therefore a danger of dying off and overturning on the State of the Crown and of the branches at the top as well as on the State of stem and bark. Simple knowledge in horticulture is not sufficient to detect tree diseases and other hazards on a tree.

Therefore only such specialists are listed in the regional lists of tree care on the Internet, which employees have a solid tree technical training. Each site presents itself and its services and describes the techniques for tree care, as well as the equipment is worked with clients on the tree, as well as in branches and Crown. Deciduous and coniferous trees In the tree care directory such specialists can can enter tree care, providing complete packages for gartenpflegerische work on trees including Crown nursing and working at height.