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Chief Executive Officer

HoREX WINS for the second time leading Award for innovative healthcare communication great pleasure of hearing acoustics EC HoREX and their approximately 390 member companies: after 2011 succeeded again the leading hearing care professional community this year, this time winning the AJ for medical technology for a campaign on the large forsa survey of HoREX, which was developed by designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin). Visit BP for more clarity on the issue. The AJ the best approaches of creative healthcare communications throughout the German-speaking area are awarded every year. The award, awarded to the 20th 2012 time is by the German doctors-Verlag, the Publisher of urban & Vogel, a number of renowned advertising agencies, as well as the Bayer Healthcare AG held. The campaign of the HoREX could compete in a star-studded final group against five other candidates. This renewed profit is just great”, Tannassia Raghavan, Chief Executive Officer of HoREX hearing acoustics EC. The AJ aims to draw innovative healthcare communication to give such impetus for health marketing in the German-speaking world and beyond. Every year many renowned suppliers of pharmaceutical and the medical technology industry to a place in the final with many well-known agencies apply. “” A vast is that we could even defend our previous year profit and a second time to convince the jury of experts, for our community success.”rustle” newspaper, snow crackling “, silent language” – are central to this year’s winning campaign of HoREX authentic answers to the question: what could you hear again with a hearing aid, which previously no longer could listen to? The used responses are all from the approximately 1,500 evaluated participants feedback to the large forsa survey listening, carried out by the forsa Institute on behalf of the HoREX of up to the summer of next year. Original marketing deals, the at the same time the Special Requirements of the hearing-acoustics industry take into account In the final the HoREX campaign, which was developed by the graphic designer Katharina Sackmann (Cologne) and a PR consultant Martin Schaarschmidt (Berlin), could assert themselves against high-profile competitors.

Marketing Director

Customers are free management consultant if one asks the right questions. Their instructions are usually the best guide to success. Get also praise from customers, as often as you can get. This is balm for the daily ‘wool’ of your staff team. The map of conscience is an efficient helper. Who wants to make written customer surveys, I suggest the conscience card. We have used these hotels in the Ibis, when I was still Marketing Director of Accor. The card bore the following heading: “Suppose you were our conscience, what would you say to us?” Among them was the drawing of a person with an Angel and a devil on the shoulder.

And then there was plenty of room to write. The guests gladly filled the card. We received a wealth of constructive comments, which enabled immediate corrections. Often there was also praise for a particular named employees. Conscience tickets were the first thing that the maid is delivered at the end of their work. The staff were very hot on it. As the Conscience card inserted is conscience card periods can be used locally or over extended. In the event that you want deeper to highlight selected aspects and to obtain responses from customers, can be useful in addition one or more of the following questions: Where have you bought earlier and why did you leave there? How are you to first of all became attentive on us? Where do you buy also the same performance? You’re chef, what would you improve with us as soon as possible? What would you give the least with us? What performance, for which you would be willing to pay, should we offer still? Will you buy our services again? Why – or why not? Can you imagine, to recommend us to others? And why or why not? Customers have a thank you for feedback”deserved everyone has sure ever submitted a completed customer questionnaires or submitted suggestions.