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Learning and training NLP has two main areas of application: how we communicate with others and how communicate us with ourselves with training in NLP learn to establish rapport (tuning) with the majority of the people, to make us flexible in communication and effective use of language (verbal and non-verbal or body). We learn to deal with conflicts and solve them learning to focus on the NLP solutions focuses indeed on solutions and not on problems. Even with some NLP techniques can work with our inner conflicts that sometimes keep us in a State of indecision and internal division, especially when there are two internal parties with opposing interests. We learn with the Neurolinguistic programming to discover and use our internal resources (trust, safety, competition, inner peace, motivation, health, abundance, etc), to discover our strategies (of excellence, creativity, good memory, etc), to work with our beliefs and other levels of growth and learning, and we are more aware of how our brain reads, decrypts, encodes our experience which is peculiar to each, that is subjective. Anyone who wants to improve their lives and develop understanding and awareness of how to develop and increase its potential, can benefit from the neuro-linguistic programming. Also anyone who wants to explore new tools and communication models can also benefit the practice of NLP. It is encouraged, to have curiosity and desire to experience as proposed by the NLP you should know that the reward is very large: greater understanding, emotional freedom, ultimately a better quality of life! Starts today same to train yourself and improve your life by applying NLP you subscribe to our website and get two free E-Books with techniques of NLP and an Extra gift! Original author and source of the article.