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Virtual Library

" It has been a continuing interest of the Cuban state of ICT development for since the 60s of last century are beginning to enter the first minicomputers and begins to train the professionals. Despite having prepared human resources before, Cuba came late to the Internet, as a result of the U.S. blockade that prevented us from 1996 until full access to the network of networks dominated by them. It can ensure that in recent years, the Computer has been growing segments in social and economic affairs of our country and example is the following: 1 Five years ago we had just over 150 thousand computers. Today it is estimated more than 300 000 and its increase is not stopped.

The domains, which total over 1200 alone. Cu, with over 1500 websites, users 790 000 150 000 e-mail and Internet. The Health Telematic Network, INFOMED, offers services Virtual University, Virtual Library, Telemedicine Network, access to specialized databases and email. We have computers equipped with 100% of primary schools, secondary and pre-university with benefiting more than 2 million students and over 12 thousand education centers. We create the infrastructure needed to connect to the network in a first stage 16 of the country's higher pedagogical institutes, and the latter with its 199 local offices It is available, 107 educational software applications for different levels of education and working in a hundred new titles. The University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), which prepares highly skilled workforce to develop essentially the computerization of health, Cuban education, and production of software.