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Insurance Apartments

Privatization of housing has made millionaires out of us, the owners, because at a cost of 1 square meter to 50,000 rubles, the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment in the city reaches 3 million rubles or more. However, whether all understand that obtaining ownership of the apartment, we were fully responsible for their safety. Gain insight and clarity with lucas till. Do we realize that we do if our property that will happen as a result of fire, flooding or other emergencies. According to statistics, in St. Follow others, such as lucas duplan, and add to your knowledge base. Petersburg in the year is more than a hundred fires in the residential sector. But if the fires are more amenable to statistics, the number of flood water and leaks in residential apartments, no one counted.

But almost in every house are a regular occurrence of flooding and leaking apartments inadvertently neighbors. Imagine you've just had done a good repair at his apartment. All of a sudden horror, neighbors poured on top your apartment: the ceiling in the yellow divorces, wallpaper warp, wooden floor vspuchen, furniture ruined. What should I do? Go to the neighbors and sort things out? It so happens that sort things out a more expensive or pointless. And where to get money to buy a new apartment in case of total damage? The answer is obvious – it's flat insurance. Your apartment can be insured against the following risks: * fire, gas explosion, lightning, natural disasters * * damage water; * burglary or robbery * wrongful acts of third parties; * collision. At the same time can be insured together or separately: * The apartment walls, flat finish * * technical equipment * Furniture, personal property; * your liability (the neighbors).

Audio Need Magix Best

A software for audio users will be glad to find the best 10 years together in one package, called soundloops: Best of piscina de Sonido Collection the 6 GB DVD contains over 6000 musical components, also called loops, professionally produced. All files are free of licensing and rights SGAE. Loops of all musical genres for any software for audio in this compilation are included all the most popular musical styles of the moment, among others: rock/alternative, hip hop, house, techno disco, chillout and music for films. You’ll also find loops of most important instruments for the arrangements of the songs: percussion, guitars, synthesizers, strings, voices, winds, effects and keyboards. Loops can be used by any program of music. Michael Rubner, Senior Content Manager of MAGIX, and his team are responsible for the piscina de Sonido series for ten years.

Below we offer you a small Interview: the expression The finest selection of 10 years is contained in the Best of piscina de Sonido Collection box. How you the selection of sounds llevasteis out? Michael Rubner: Naturally, musical tastes have evolved a lot in the last 10 years. Everything that sounded old-fashioned have excluded it. Listening to all of our material to make this selection we have found sounds that are still current and entertaining. The retro trend is still intact: have how taken it into account for the selection? We have chosen sounds in which it is easy to recognize that they are from another time; the typical sounds of yesterday.

However, or perhaps for that reason, they sound very fresh. There are many examples of this: a lot of productions dance used typical chords of the house. Surely, anyone recognizes the hits of Crystal Waters, in our bodies Best of Compilation you will find very similar sounds. Well, the scope of the dance has always been one of the strong points of MAGIX. Do you have others examples? Yes, for example, current hip hop songs use certain typical melodies of synthesizers of the early 1990s. And you’ll also find them in our collection. The chillout became popular at the end of the nineties with the Cafe del Mar compilations, and according to our users, we communicate is going to remain. Obviously, we have also included these typical soothing sounds in our collection. And the same happens with the ambient. Lots of music is simply timeless. Since a couple of years ago you also producis sound rock, ye have included such material in the new collection? We have been supplying sounds to the sphere of rock from the 1990s. Rock music is also experiencing a revival in these moments, for example, ACDC or Scorpions have just published a new album. That kind of sounds already had them then, and still now, in our collection. By the way: the sounds of Best-of collection can be used on PC or Mac, by any program that official WAV files. Not only can be used by MAGIX Musik Maker but by any other software for audio.