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Zigzag Elastic

The best machines stitch width up to 7 mm. For more extensive lines of a mechanism moving tissue is not just back and forth, but right-left. In the presence of such a mechanism, the fabric can move in several directions and, despite the absence of the embroidery unit, these machines can be called a sewing machine with embroidery opportunities. Evaluate these possibilities can be for embroidery, for example, a border of decorative stitches. Scandinavian Airlines is actively involved in the matter. You can embroider a flower, make a few stitches diagonally, embroider any star, make a few stitches in the other direction and so on. Thus, we can get the most intricate patterns of arbitrary size (sometimes in advertising material, such patterns are called 'maxi patterns'). Sewing machines can move tissue from the side to side – exotic. While only a Brother and Bernina use this technology in some expensive models.

For example we can mention the machine Brother nx 600. The number of lines of lines of modern machines ranging from about 10 to younger models to hundreds of sophisticated computerized machines. Stitch sewing machine are divided into workers and decorative. Working lines to working the lines include, in addition to the traditional straight lines and Jigsaw also Overlock stitch, stitches for elastic fabrics, hidden lines, lines for Quilting and a lot of others. The following table gives examples of useful, in our view, working lines: Straight stitch Zigzag Elastic zigzag sewing gum elastic line for the jersey Reinforced straight stitch Reinforced zigzag stitching line for invisible elastic line for almost an invisible Loops all electro-mechanical machines can perform welt clothesline loop.

No Frost

Also, using e-governance to the refrigerator with a compressor can be added such functions that were previously only possible in two compressor models, for example: a single regulation of the refrigerator and freezer as well as a separate shutdown cooling chamber (function of 'holiday'). I would like to elaborate on the refrigerator compressor, or rather on their number. Now produced a model with one and two compressors. And when the cooling system No Frost – this is always one compressor. So, what gives us the existence of two compressors? Well, first of all, two compressors – these are two independent systems with all attendant advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include the possibility of separate management and independent off the refrigerator and freezer.

Also, performance in the cold in these of models will be greater and greater share of each compressor t.k. compressor works less time. The minus two compressors such important factors as increased energy and increased levels of noise. 4. Power consumption and noise refrigerator. Assignment of a particular class of energy consumption depends on the annual energy consumption, and the total volume. And is calculated as the ratio of the annual number of electricity consumption of this product to a standard amount, expressed as a percentage, determines the class of power device. Class A (55%) Class B (55-75%) Class C (75-90%) Class D (90-100%) Class E, F, G (110, 125 and above) now on sale in the main refrigerators with Energy efficiency class A and B, a very rare class of devices with power consumption C.

Professional Sewing Machines

With this device a modern sewing machine can sew thin fabrics gently and easily cope with thick and rough layered sutures, such as denim. Often, the choice of machines, buyers are focused on the meaning of power indicated on the machine frame, assuming that the greater the value given, the more dense and thick cloth can flash the car. This is partly true for cheap cars, and for more complex is much more important to have an automatic adjustment efforts puncture. In addition, the shell with a value of the total power consumption from which the mechanical power is slightly more than half. Whatever was the maximum mechanical power have traditionally been produced by European car companies – Pfaff, Husqvarna and Bernina.

Sewing speed – an important characteristic of the sewing machine. It is governed by the force pressing on the pedal. Chevron CEO may help you with your research. In many sewing machines cost from $ 300 provides smooth control of the maximum sewing speed. In the machines of Brother series nx, as well as in some models of Husqvarna provides for sewing without using a pedal – to start sewing have to press a special button to stop the car – click again. Some machines are equipped with special keys raise and lower the needle. Another very handy feature – stop the needle in the up position. If you using a vehicle equipped with this feature, you no longer have to turn the flywheel to cause the needle in the up position – Needle always stop myself at the top.

Soviet Union

What is the deficit, our citizens know not by hearsay. You may want to visit EOG Resources to increase your knowledge. However, it seemed that the days of and the Soviet Union far behind, so the shortage of any goods in the shops in Moscow nowadays phenomenon rather unusual. Nevertheless, Muscovites are faced with a real shortage of fans! In connection with the anomalous heat this year in Moscow, has sharply increased demand for air conditioners and fans. Electronics stores can not cope with large the influx of shoppers. Shelves that are intended for goods cooling the air, almost all the shops are empty and do not even have time to fill, due to the rapid this product. If air conditioning is still possible purchase at a price two to three times normal, then install it will be problematic. Installers simply can not cope with large orders. So, buying air conditioner, install it you only one or two months, and when summer is over.

With fans as another matter, the relative cheapness, there is no need to install and high energy costs, has made this miracle of technology – a favorite of the season. However, as early as July to buy fan, you could only dream of. The few shops that you can still find the fan inflate the price of 3 and even 4 times! And even this price does not scare buyers. Hero of the summer of 2010 can truly be considered leaving the store with the buyer just purchased a fan, keep it as a battle won in the heavy cup. Seeing him, a rare passer-by did not take an interest about the availability of more fans in the store, but they often get the answer: "That was the last" or "There's a huge queue, you may not be enough." At one of the internet forums, even an open, issue 'fan – fiction or reality', where Muscovites are trying to share their knowledge about the availability and cost of fans in Moscow shops. And no matter how marketers and sociologists have attempted to define or predict the needs of the population, still an important role in market development and the birth of the proposal are natural, political and other global processes affect and predict that nearly impossible.

Touch Panel

From a remote computer with Internet access can send any instructions, for example, give the home team to prepare for your return home – turn on the system 'Climate control', fill a bathtub. Touch Panel Touch Panel relieve the owner of 'smart' homes from having to remember multiple push-button combination. tance of the matter here. The panel allows you to see on the screen all the possibilities system and gives you access to change the specified parameters. And all this with the use of color images of different areas and rooms of your home. Touch panels can be portable or mounted in a wall. Light enough Touch to activate the system. Usually they have a capacious memory and can store up to several hundreds of thousands of simple commands.

Technology E-mail and sms Another option – use for remote e-mail. When necessary, the system can regularly send letters home owner with a report on his condition. Advantages of 'smart' home can be a long time to paint. It is difficult to disagree with the fact that they make life more comfortable and safer save our time by eliminating unnecessary care, and cherish our nerves, protecting against all kinds of household stress. However, 'smart' home is still expensive, very affordable and very few people.

But do not be discouraged, If we can not do all of our house 'smart', it does not mean that we should just give up elements of home automation. For example, a bit 'crazy' goes even ordinary light bulb. Add it by using the lamp module. He included in an ordinary electrical outlet and the electrical network can control any lamp in the house included in the cartridge via a special adapter. The lamp module will allow the light bulb to change the degree of brightness, to remember the brightness at off in order to restore it after turning on, not turn on abruptly, but smoothly. Another nice 'little thing' that can make life easier – motion sensors. They react to the movement of people and close the electrical circuit. By installing such sensors in the corridor, you can rid yourself of unpleasant moments at the entrance to the house, for example, when hands are busy shopping bags, and in the darkness we must also manage to find a switch. Another option – use the sensors in country house to manage the street lighting. Such items are home automation, of course, only a small step towards 'smart' home. But they may well save us from a number of problems and make our lives more pleasant and enjoyable.