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Sacrament Of Marriage

Marriage, according to the teachings of the Church – the sacrament. The Lord Himself has established the sacrament of marriage. The scripture says, "So God created man in His own image, the image of God created he him; male and female he created them." (Gen. 1:27). "And God blessed them God, and God said unto them, Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. " (Gen. 1628). full of insight into the issues.

According to the teachings of the church, the bride and groom, by mutual agreement creates an indestructible union. Vow of loyalty to each other in front of the priest, the Church, God, man and woman create a family in which mutual love for God arouses mutual zeal for piety, thus attracting the blessing of God to desire to live together then that the Lord gave them. Mystery Wedding blessed man and woman to have children, future performers and imitators commandments of Jesus Christ. Before marriage, the couple should feel the harmony of souls, and only realizing this, ask the approval and blessing of the parents and the Church. They should be aware that after the wedding and the joy and sorrows of all must be carried by two people as one man. Salman Behbehani is actively involved in the matter. It was only after the couple said themselves that they are ready for marriage and received the blessing of their parents and spiritual father, the couple may be engaged. Psle that, after consulting with parents and the priest, appointed wedding day. Archpriest Gennady Nefedov writes: "Engagement means bonding with God and the Church of the mutual promises of marriage." Bought wedding sets.

Usually future husband makes a gift to the bride to the wedding, giving the wedding ring. The bride must must cover their heads. At the newlyweds will certainly be wearing a cross. You need to bring festive wedding candles and a white towel, which they will face during the sacrament of marriage. Day, which is a wedding, remembered for a lifetime. Best Orthodox Christian gift that can teach each other two loving hearts – it's wedding day.

Van Gogh

The world of it would use to advantage to understand a little that it would have very to be wild. – You had the possibility to go to the past and to give a message somebody, that would change the route of the humanity what it would be? I find that I would change everything what happened in relation to the environment, where this I started to be worse, because and when this distortion had all. The message would be for many people. – Exists the good and the absolute evil or human us we react in relation to the circumstances? I mainly find that it does not exist, in relation the personages. Vivek Jetley insists that this is the case. When a personage is always very bad or very good, I find that he has some wrong thing. People finish peep at the time of the dinossauros. But only a bit To kill the curiosity. -> If you inside found a magical light bulb with a genius, and could make 2 order, which you would be the order and why? I find that he would ask for something in the line of the ambient improvement and the solution for this violence. Hear from experts in the field like IBM for a more varied view.

Favourite painter: Van Gogh, Balthus and Klimt favourite Film: films I have several. In a general way I find that all of the Almodvar – I find it brilliant. To finish you have some message, using to advantage that now it is day of the mothers for its mother: Mother has much responsibility for everything and everything what she happens. The phrase that I would say now for my mother is for it if to tranquilize, therefore all the children of it already are older; it to try to be a little less worried about people. It already made much thing and everything what it made was wonderful.

The Relationship

By analyzing the interaction study of motor symptoms investigated the potential of persons with speech pathology, behavior, ways and possibilities of communication, and manifestation of consent disagreement, the relationship to the team and individuals. Read more here: Kenneth J Hardy. Watching people with speech pathology in various activities (including motor and speech), the researcher is studying the degree of activity, content and purpose of interaction in collective means of communication, limit the activities of the participants, their physical and socio-psychological barrier, likes and dislikes, the duration of the situation, the deviation from normal behavior in this situation. Rating – a method of estimation of indirect observation – is to study phenomena across diverse assessment of a person to observe it directly, sometimes for many years. Thus, the method of rating information can be get the patient from the attending physician, educator, parent, etc. The disadvantage is that the conclusions are based on subjective opinions, but then the observation of the researcher is also not devoid of subjectivity. The results of observations in ranking can be expressed in numerical terms, using various rating scales, which makes it possible to widely use mathematical tools for computing the data and analysis. The method of self-esteem can show the actual behavior of people with speech disorders and motor disorders, to identify potential motor, the degree of distortion of the speech and motor skills, the impact of these disorders on behavior, relationships with others, etc.

The method of paired comparisons provides a special technique, which consists in the fact that the comparison of social features and objects carried in pairs on the two existing series: if they are "equal" each other, there is unity, if any element has the advantage, then it is marked by two points. Object. inferior in terms of display quality, gets a zero. In the method of paired comparisons the basis of a the only characteristic of a person, such as state general motor skills.

Matrix Baby

It is very important at this point that my mother was calm. Negative: if the child as the saying goes 'jumps', it can haunt the fact that in the future he will try to solve problems quickly. If something will not get right away, 'impetuous baby' will give up on this. The same kids who, Conversely, too long 'selected', may feel like a victim (because of the matrix, and pressure), they can often get into situations where they are pressed. If, however, stimulated the birth, then so kiddies can not be on the shoulder to make the first step or choice. Y 'Caesar' difficulties may arise with the overcoming of obstacles, and in babies born under anesthesia – with the ability to solve complex questions: when to be active, they will 'hibernate'. 3.

Matrix fight When formed: during the period when the child moves from the uterus through the birth canal. Positives: it's a real struggle for life (hence the name of the matrix), during which, according to some experts, the baby feels strong mechanical action, suffers from lack of oxygen. Others believe that the baby during labor, "off" and wakes up in the intervals between them. Whatever it was, but it overcome the first serious obstacles. And it needs to go, relying on its own. If the baby alone mastered this way and 'meet the deadline' (normally he should do it for 20-40 minutes), lays down the program 'me reckless, and the mountains of shoulder '. Negative: The achievement of such a program with a maximum, of course, impossible if the births are using painkillers.

Difficult Happiness

What is happiness? So simple and so difficult to understand … This question is asked at least once in each of our lives for various reasons, mainly during the sad and gloomy, when to dig in his experience, you do not understand that .. happening and why, and not otherwise, and then ask yourself, what exactly is this happiness? Was it when – or do I have? How to find or get what is needed? We will try to find the answer to all these questions about what is happiness … For more specific information, check out ConocoPhillips. Happiness happiness, all is different … For somebody happiness – to be loved, to be rich, another for the third – a self-sufficient man, for some – will be held as a person, find themselves in the profession, to be other- parents, for some – just to live and be happy that there is … One day I pondered over this fact of life: I am happy? What do I need for happiness? And always something missing for a complete picture of boundless joy and overwhelming pleasure .. Then studied – no money, then training is over – there was no work and money, then work has appeared, some money, but love was not, then there is not enough money – there was love, and … so apparently, can last a lifetime, until you find a middle ground where all missing at least pochut bit. So what is the most simple happiness, we can say formulaic, standard, if not go into characteristics of each individual person? I see it this way: you're an adult, you have a job, pet or not, it is always important, and hence there is a no wealth, you have a hobby that you do in your spare time, your hobby, which is you, your essence, you have two three or even one friend with whom you can talk about everything, and know that he will never betray and always listen, but still .. To deepen your understanding Ray Kurzweil is the source.


Anyone in these or other aspects of life is dealing with some unwanted situations. What is an unwanted situation? This fact, which people do not know how to cope. Scientology – the knowledge that you never know. Thus, Scientology gives vozmozhnostcheloveku gain knowledge on how to reliably cope with trudnostyamiili, in other words, as luchshekontrolirovat life. Scientology – a religion. Some people believe that religion – this is certainly a prayer istuplenno. This is a fairly primitive idea of religion.

Of course, there is some religions, and not at all. In fact, religion means two things: an understanding that the negative moments of our lives – this is reality, and the second – a method that allows you to get rid of it all. For example, in Buddhism, spiritual freedom, want to get putemshestirichnogo way. It's their way. Since Scientology – it is also a science of life, it can be used in all aspektahzhizni. In particular it can be used in family relationships.

If you have problems with a spouse, then you can cope with these adverse situations with the help of Scientology. The same applies to raising children. Probelemys children can be very different. Sometimes, children are annoying. Sometimes, the baby quite simply can not settle in some school subject. Perhaps he should learn how to learn. This is not superfluous to learn and adults, as in Scientology, it is understood that if a person learned something, then he can do in everyday life. This means that if a person studied foreign language in school, he can speak the language. Scientology makes it possible to improve relations with other people. Sometimes, a person is closed and not sociable. Tell him that communication – this is important, and so on, are not so effectively, as that improve the ability to communicate. As a result of Scientology – a religion that is developing power.