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What can we see through telescopes of different diameters: 60-70 mm refractor, reflector 70-80 mm.Dvoynye star with separation greater than 2 '- Albireo, Mizar, and so on. Fainter stars up to 11,5 m.Pyatna on the Sun ( only with the aperture filter). Venery.Na Moon Phases craters of a diameter of 8 km.Polyarnye caps and sea on Mars, during the Great protivostoyaniya.Poyasa on Jupiter, and under ideal conditions, the Great Red Spot (GRS), four satellites Yupitera.Koltsa Saturn, the Cassini gap at different conditions appeared pink zone on the disk Saturna.Uran and Neptune as zvezd.Krupnye ball (eg M13) and scattered skopleniya.Pochti all objects Messier catalog with no details in nih.Refraktor 80-90 mm, 100-120 mm reflector, catadioptric 90 – 125 mm. Double star with separation of 1.5 'and more faint stars up to 12 eV. velichiny.Strukturu sunspots, granulation and flaring of the field (only with the aperture filter). Merkuriya.Lunnye Phase sized crater about 5 km.Polyarnye caps and sea Mars during protivostoyaniy.Neskolko extra belts on Jupiter and the GRS. The shadows of the moons of Jupiter on the disk planety.Schel Cassini in Saturn's rings and 4-5 sputnikov.Uran and Neptune in the form of small discs with no details on nih.Desyatki globular clusters, the bright globular clusters will disintegrate into stardust on krayam.Desyatki planetary and diffuse nebulae, and all directory objects Messe.Yarchayshie objects from the catalog of NGC (for the brightest and most large objects possible to distinguish some of the details, but the galaxy in the majority remain hazy spots without details).

Refractor 100-130 mm, reflector or catadioptric 130-150 mm double star with separation of 1 'and more faint stars up to 13 eV. velichiny.Detali lunar mountains and craters the size of 4.3 km.Mozhno try with a blue filter to consider the spot in the clouds at Venere.Mnogochislennye details on Mars during . in the belts on the belt Yupitera.Oblachnye Saturne.Mnozhestvo weak asteroids and komet.Sotni star clusters, nebulae and galaxies (from the brightest galaxies can be seen traces of spiral structure (M33, M51)). A large number of directory objects NGC (many objects You can see the interesting details). Refractor 150-180 mm, reflector or catadioptric 175-200 mm double star with separation of less than 1 ', faint stars up to 14 eV. velichiny.Lunnye formation of 2 km.Oblaka and dust storms on Marse.6-7 Saturn's moons, we can try to see the drive Titana.Spitsy in Saturn's rings at the maximum of their raskrytii.Galileevy satellites as small diskov.Detalnost images with such apertures is determined not capabilities of optics and state atmosfery.Nekotorye globular clusters are resolved at the stars, almost to the tsentra.Vidny details of the structure of many nebulae and galaxies when observed from the city zasvetki.Refraktor 200 mm or more, a reflector or catadioptric 250 mm bolee.Dvoynye star with the division to 0,5 ', under ideal conditions, the stars up to 15 eV. magnitude and slabee.Lunnye education of less than 1.5 km.Nebolshie clouds and smaller structures on Mars, rare cases – Phobos and Deymos.Bolshoe amount of detail in an atmosphere Yupitera.Delenie Encke in the rings of Saturn, Neptune disk Titana.Sputnik Triton.Pluton as a weak zvezdochki.Predelnaya detail images determined by the state atmosfery.Tysyachi galaxies, star clusters and tumannostey.Prakticheski all directory objects NGC, many of which show details invisible in smaller telescopes razmerov.U most striking nebulae observed subtle tsveta.Vybrat and buy a telescope you can on our site sky and successful observations!

Acting as a Team

6. Low skill players – the players have learned to cover up each other, trying to act as a team, shooting skill (!) Soobrazhalki (!) And everything was much higher than it was. For by the fact that the game began with more advanced players. Then follows a middle skill, hiskill, pro. All this is very relative))) but the general idea, I hope, will carry into the heads of those who will read the article. A general idea is as follows. To distinguish the play well Rights of the cheater, you need to be on the very good level. And it is always advisable to be adequate, not inflated opinion of their abilities and skills.

This step (high self-esteem) are almost everything. Man sees that host on the server it is one of the best, but it still does not know what in fact is the players … especially those newly made famous clans of the students. The script is the same. Going to another "Pro-duper-mega-clan ', make govnosayt on yukoze, write "stuff to us CW!!! (Clanwar, Game 5 on 5).

Open your server. Since CW assign them no rush, gaining his opponents in their number those who accidentally dropped them on the server. And play. What is natural – win. And then write on your website, "we spent over 40 kV, we have 38 wins and 1 draw. Funny? )) I, too, I saw a dozen of these clans. Most found their site after the accident came to him for serv, played 5 minutes and flew away in the bank with cause cheater. And I – low skill player =. They have experienced players have not met. Well, at the end of a few facts, observations. – More than 50% of the charges of cheating, yelling "you WH! Cheats off, it in my head through a wall kill – ban him" and so on – is dull and mindless trolling. Many are well aware that no man is cheater, but write it. Whether to annoy the enemy, or order to reassure themselves. – Very often the real cheaters with wh, rush to accuse others of like that. Since More than 90 percent of this total vhashnikov Nuba, they have no idea how they both might have noticed, or how well they shot. And they start yelling in anger – in fact as well go: "I have a cheat, but he will still kill me over and over again, then he cheater and he cheat steeper and it is no secret, is not afraid. And I'm so smart so cautious me no one slept. And it starts. "You cheat off fast … GL and HF! Do not be a meat, do not use cheats! Finish it. Be calm. Do not rush to conclusions, never. Especially if you have not had experience playing in a team, and always played only to the "meat". Yes, sometimes BX Schnick immediately clear. If he can barely shoot, running stupid, crooked throws a grenade, but it aims at the wall and shoot in advance – before your next noob-cheater. But, if it's not as if you just can not understand this gamer – let the findings of his game resultant experienced admin. To be an admin – this is also a skill and it is not sold immediately. On this, my mission done, go to rest, gl & hf, play farsh go meat!