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E-Book Gifts

The modern man receives information from various media outlets that spread it through radio, television, Internet and various print media (newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets). All kinds of prints from latest news and events were the same attributes of our everyday modern life. But technology is not standing in place and replaced the usual notebooks gradually came to handheld PCs and electronic books. These devices are already commercially available and their cost in recent years has dropped substantially. The wealth of information in all the world is stored in various formats for reading electronic devices. Designs for print newspapers and magazines and typeset electronically. Hence, under certain conditions, it is quite possible mass migration of humanity on the electronic publications.

Read in 'Wikipedia': 'E-paper – imaging technology information designed to simulate normal ink on paper. E-paper forms an image in reflected light, like ordinary paper and can display text and graphics on indefinitely without consuming it electrical energy and allowing you to vary the image in the future. " Electronic paper, unlike computer monitors reflect light like a normal printed page. Angle of view it has more than liquid crystal flat displays. It's light, reliable, and displays based on it can be flexible, although not as a regular paper.

Will the electronic devices are alternatives to paper-based information? With confidence we can give positive response. What is the meaning in the daily expenditure of one million tons of paper, and, consequently, the green planet's resources on a one-day source of information that the next day was not interesting to anyone, and requires processing factories recycled. How much strength, energy and all kinds of materials will save humanity, if the electronic paper will be widely distributed! E-paper – a handy container for information-lived. Now its value ranges from $ 300-400, but with the development of cheaper technologies and its costs will decline. Electronic devices based on electronic paper handy, compact and mobile. Description, functionality and other features you find on this page of our store. As for the good and the eternal, universal humanity masterpieces of world literature and the arts, such information is worthy to be imaged on good quality paper in a beautiful cover and bring lots of positive emotions to its owner.