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What We Can Learn From Film

What is your message to the business world? My message despite the time of crisis we are facing is of hope in the future. If we look at the great crisis and overcome successfully crossed over from history, have served to strengthen the industrial and financial sector and to generate new tools and process control; also not forget that thanks to such crises created new opportunities, major agreements were signed and alliances, and we must not forget either that today we have tools transmission information which, for instance, was not expected during the Great Depression of the 29th, and whose origin was also in the financial sector inordinate desire for overvaluing their assets. 10. Question out of place or out of focus: What is your favorite film and why? Difficult to answer for a modest apprentice film buff and lover of the 7th art, so that should give you an endless list of films that for one reason or another I have been pleased. If you let me I will enumerate only three, in order of preference if not chronologically. Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942) this film would emphasize the interpretation of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the chemistry that makes the action pass is spectacular, also, the direction of Michael Curtiz and his mastery of the drawings, photography and play with light and shadow is simply superb. Schindler’s List (Steven Spielberg, 1993) As in the previous case, as not to highlight the impressive work of Spielberg’s direction, but to highlight Above all the story and the message and the values transmitted the story plot of Film.

Matrix (Wachowski Brothers, 1999). In addition to highlighting the great work and leadership of Larry and Andy Wachowski’s spectacular and innovative special effects used for the first time, as the “bullet time” (bullet time), highlight the fact that this film, I think after watching many again made us reflect on the basic concept of philosophy as to whether the world around us is real or fake. Finally, include the soundtrack of the film. Pere Thanks for answering questions this conference Cristoff Gill,

Pharmaceutical Philosophies

The 2010 has only just begun, and is a year round for Asefarma. And that is the advice of Pharmacy for 15 years dedicated to advising more than 300 pharmacies (just been awarded the certificate of “Madrid Excelente”, a brand that gives the Madrid dropper and after a long verification process those companies whose philosophy is to be employed under the premise of quality. This being the Certificate ‘Madrid Excellent’ obtained by Asefarma shows that this is a company committed to faithfully by the principles of excellence, incorporating innovation and new technologies, improving its management resources on corporate social responsibility and optimal satisfaction of their customers. For Asefarma socio-director, Carlos Garcia-Maurino “This certification has been a challenge we set during the 2009 and we have achieved. All our efforts and business goals have been recognized with obtaining this by providing a guarantee mark our company a value of recognition of quality in all our efforts. We are confident that our customers and partners rely even more on us and we will keep improving..