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The Arms

It heard a distant sound of buzzer, policy. He was acometido by a surprise estresse and it perceived that, even so the air-conditional one was on in the maximum, the sweat if it accumulated in the forehead. Irritated, but completely certain of that it was not no newness, therefore he lived in that city has years. Jurandismariano opened the door of the car and it saw an intriguing scene: a woman who was in the car behind its invaded the central seedbed of the avenue and strained a nylon chair, opened a parasol to take shelter from the sun of the afternoon end. For a few seconds, it forgot that its plans had been frustrated in this afternoon and observes the woman with its intently ' ' kit praia' ' in full avenue. Conscientious of that she is being observed, it offers a chair to it. It thought about refusing, but while he decided if he would accept or not, he strained the arms and he brought stops next to itself the offered chair.

Seated in the seedbed, the scene it seemed, at least, hilria, but it preferred not to question nothing. – Accepted cooling? offered the stranger while it walked until the trunk of its car. – Yes. – T geladinho delivered to the guest a can of cooling. – Obliged. For what I see you is accustomed to deal with unexpected. – It is.

– It is far from house? Jurandismariano asked, creating a situation to keep the colloquy with the illustrious not conventional stranger and anfitri. – One little. you? – Pra to say the truth I am not very distant, but as the only option of exit is to follow for land, these clamped cars avenue below creates an abyss. It laughed and continued the presentation moment: – Has somebody waiting for you? – My son – it remembered the cellular one that he is in the small bar but something is certain: I will not arrive before it to go to sleep.