Sites Investment

How much Cost a site? We come across ourselves very with the following question: How much It costs a Site? Had to this we decide to clarify some factors that can influence very in the site development. Exactly with the fast Internet that we have available in Brazil, still users exist who do not make use of this service. In a site with static content without much animation its development will be faster, will be used little resources technician, consequentemente the investment will be lesser. Today we witness in the Internet many sites total livened up and interactive, is exactly these sites that need more resources technician, greater work time, ample research to deferenciar its site of the others, advanced languages of web, attractive greater content and for its reader. This site needs a bigger investment. Yes, the site is more attractive, pretty and interesting. Other factors that influence in the value are: Number of pages of the site, amount of images, if the images need treatment, inclusion in site of search, otimizao of sites, banners, email marketing, creation of logotipo, continuous maintenance. Without a doubt it will be an investment and in such a way for the growth of its company! Therefore it enters in contact with our team, will be a pleasure gratuitously to make an exclusive budget for its company. ____________________________________________Desenvolvimento of Sites