Scientific Boarding

French historian, Fustel de Coulanges was born in Paris the 18 of March of 1930 and died in Massy the 12 of September of 1889. 1850 he registered himself the cole Normale Suprieure of Paris, moving in 1853 to the French School of Atenas. Between 1853 and 1858, he was busy in studies and archaeological research in the island of Quio. In 1858, it was doutorou, defending the thesis Polybe or La Grce conquise pair you read romaim (Polbio or Greece conquered for the Romans), and in 1860 was nominated professor of history in the college of letters of Strasbourg, where it remained up to 1870. Lecionou to follow in the college of letters of Paris and in 1878 assumed the chair of medieval history in the Sorbonne.

Its last important position was of director of the cole Normale Suprieure, from 1880. Fustel de Coulanges remodelled the method of the historical studies in France, being responsible for a more scientific boarding of the subjects of old history. It was opposed the mere livresca erudio, preferring to value the certification of the historical facts, supplied for the texts of time and for the traditions, in order to print greater objetividade to its studies. It intended to ahead assume one total imparcialidade of the facts, in well diverse attitude of the one of the romantic historians had preceded who it, as Michelet, over all for the determination to prevent the confusion between the historical study and other interests. Its method, as well as its conceptions of old history and French history, had excited many controversies and accusations. Those defends that it assure the respect and the confidence that inspire the workmanships of Coulanges for having been established in documents and the direct analysis of the texts. In counterpoint, its critics accuse ferrenhos to demonstrate it little paleogrfico knowledge, he would have what it induced the numerous errors of interpretation.