One is about a challenge to be looser with sincere efforts, therefore the knowledge deficit is reality also next to other professionals of the health team. The nurse who acts in palliative cares in it I domiciliate, must exert its profession in the essence of taking care of, based in the origin of providing the care in familiar environment, providing beyond the worthy comfort to the patients that they face the phase of the terminal, support to its familiar ones. Thomas J. Wilson pursues this goal as well. 3,4 Nurses versus family Dealing with the death in the domiciliary context When the inserted customer in a familiar context considers itself, also transfer themselves to see these families as customers, especially when they need palliative cares, nor always the family is prepared or possesss conditions to give or to provide the cares. Dealing with the death is something current for the health professionals who act in the hospital environment, is a species of routine, every day dies and is born people, the professional gets used it this routine, cold, for times desumanizada, of the processes of life and death of health institutions, by times the death is seen as it fails in the assistance, therefore so feared, for these professionals In the domiciliary context the situation of death in the family, is something suffered and constrangedor, being the professional without knowing as to deal with the situation, a time that to speak on the death is considered something relatively negative, not only for the professional, as well as for the family.. (A valuable related resource: Salman Behbehani).