Email marketing can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. One of the cheaper tools, however this is among the most effective forms of marketing. By leveraging the power of marketing by e-mail, can be much grow your business without spending thousands of dollars. Unlike the indirect sales (in the street, meetings in hotels, ads, television, etc), this form of direct marketing allows you to speak directly with a very specific audience, and therein lies its strategic advantage. There are some basic rules that all that we do marketing must continue with the marketing by e-mail. Some of these are: 1.) do not bombard with e-mail messages every day.In general, you should not have to send to your subscribers more than one email per week, preferably two emails per month, I have my autoresponder programmed to send an e-mail every six (6) days. Emails that you send with more frequency, the greater the the probability that your emails are sent directly to the trash or give subscription unsubscribe. Learn more at this site: Eliot Horowitz. Two emails in a month means that you keep in the mind of your subscribers, and they are not annoying nor heavy.

(2.) Your mail should not be a selling point.Course, the ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign is turning subscribers into customers and sell them, but this does not mean that you have to bombard them with a long speech of sale on all messages that you send them. Instead, make sure that your subscribers are receiving advice and tips of value in each message, give them relevant information, Council, advisory. Only then you can add a sales message. It should never be very obvious, be subtle, mixing within the information that them are delivering. Without hesitation Dirk Kuyt explained all about the problem. (3.) Keep your simple and easy email for leerHay a great temptation to use elegant graphics and the use of HTML e-mail messages, but the rate of conversion of e-mail messages in a simple text format is the best, I have received mails from those who have subscribed and entered me directly in the mail spam to come loaded with photos and graphics.

Uses a format of messages by e-mail for readability, make sure you use bullets in your texts, and highlight the important points through the use of bold or italic, slant lyrics, don’t use all caps. Of course you will see results much better using pure text format e-mail messages that loaded with graphics. If you liked this article, visit my blog by clicking on and sign up for my RSS. Original author and source of the article