Life Goals

To achieve a goal in the first instance we should want that change, now; that desire must be so great to allow us to act in the ongoing search for its materialization, the problem is that many times we discouraged when faced with the obstacles we must overcome to achieve our purpose and on many occasions the burning flame of desire tends to lower. Think of a person you want to be in good physical condition, good appearance, strength and health, the idea is excellent, the truth most people have this desire and there is a force that drives us to that goal, but there are a number of opposing forces, or forces against that goal and those are: is better to restI don’t have time, I prefer sleep, I do not have sore muscles, it is dangerous, I don’t want to suffer by subjecting me to a diet, occupy that time to play on the computer, etc. As stated Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals where we see the fact of a goal implies a certain level of discomfort and that is where the majority of people are facing a large wall and the truth is not easy to throw. But there are people who manage to maintain a level of motivation is strong to stand firm in their purpose, how have done you?, the magic answer is in the force of will, if we really want something must continually think about benefits that this decision will bring us and that will lead us to the energy needed to act. At the beginning we must act and act despite the adversities, we set in our mind that we will do everything necessary to achieve that purpose, it is called persistence and the great secret of the habit is the ability to perform any work with quite easily that it generates in the subconscious mind and what initially became a burden now is a satisfaction. How does that?, look at several examples: when we have the habit to get up at a certain time, it happens that we have set in our mind that fact and you will notice that many people say they have a good biological clock really is good programming mental, now that can be induced to pure practice. Thus, in life we can program anything and it will happen that our goal is now scheduled for example now we are athletes and we therefore act as such, why is it easy to desist? The answer is easy, what happens is that the opposite information is stronger than the new information, this is where the real successful make a difference, work hard to achieve new habits are implanted with greater force than the previous ones, that way we find new millionaires, people who succeeded in losing weight dramatically and kept, great musicians, writers, etc. Many of which were previously anonymous, remember something important to achieve their goals should both insist until you achieve it install in your subconscious mind, when that happens the success is guaranteed.