Educational Progress

Because of these staggering statistics, parents are looking for ways to ensure that reading becomes a habit in their children. For many parents, it is difficult to convince your children to read because children are often distracted by more appealing activities as video games and television programs. With the aim of improving public awareness of the positive role that parents can take to prepare their children to learn to read well and help them become lifelong readers, the National Center for Family Literacy (National Center for Family Literacy) offers the following tips: Offer rewards. Consider setting up a small reward system “rewards” related to the subject of books their children read. Reading books on a variety of nature can result in a trip to the woods or a book on animals can be rewarded with a visit to the zoo. Get a public library card.

Take time to visit the public library and choose some books to read at bedtime. Let your children choose according to your tastes and then read the books together at bedtime. This is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up and share a special moment, while improving the ability to read. Type. Let your children choose a family member or friend who has moved and with whom to exchange letters. When your children receive the cards are going to move to read and answer correspondence.

It is a good way to get their children to read and improve their vocabulary. Museums, aquariums and zoos, there are that good! Encourage your children to read the posters aloud displays in places for the family. Not only learn about what they see, but they will feel better by reading aloud.