Hunting Magazine

In the eminent magazine trophy, monthly periodical Edition media publication that does not give carte blanche! course!! , it is about hunting, a collaborator of the same dimension, then the Veteran columnist for such vaudeville, to which I have paid attention with my reading on countless occasions, qualify in tone characterized by way of totus one current law of Asturias of the hunting, as authentic legal trash and cinegetic (a role which it can unilaterally breaksuch and as demand this author in its recommendation the President Mr. of the Principado de Asturias) I am not a qualified person to rebut legal aspects, given its condition of counsel, so me not entretendre on this issue, it will be in the hunting field, as Hunter that I am, veteran and humble, where I’ll show you’d be discrepancies on some passages of his speech. Of the cynegetic views of D. Alonso Sanchez Gascon, lawyer, person that I keep consideration, signatory of the manifesto that I took and are concerned, differ substantially an important part of the character or spirit that he wanted to give (is supporter this Mr. of the hunting community? However, yes I identify with your criterion in the chapter on offences to the existing law of Asturias of hunting, which considers are nonsense. I, also, one authentic outrage, there is no fair credit relationship between cause and effect.

I agree to his defense that makes and for their purposes of the Refugios de Caza. Entering in the field say that the desire of management are well known (could be a good business for a few, at the expense of a majority) who awakens Asturian hunting fauna, both inside and outside our geographic boundaries, given their great diversity and density reached. Why you must not wonder that the sector private, eager to no doubt of your tasting with the prerogative to be a distinguished guest has set its sights on this sweet and well seasoned sweet.