Asset Management Software

Its main feature is that the software license to be "touched" test of strength, therefore, can not be approached to audit the software from the traditional position of counting tables and personal computers. And this is the main difficulty. For the first time mention of the methods of asset management software (software asset management) appeared in an earlier version of itil in the late 80's. In Russia, these issues have become actively engaged in recently. This has contributed to the first gain control of the state.

Previously, few people could punished for using unlicensed software. Moreover, there was such a large number of foreign investors, which this issue is greatly interested. Last but not least the role played by the mentality of people has been formed under the influence the first two factors. If in the case of it audit its state over time is not very affected by fines, loss of image, etc., then the audit software all the more difficult because software must be constantly monitored. Compliance test licenses – a state of actual software and the amount actually procured a license for a particular slice of time. "If a company is important to examine how big the risk of fines from inspections, say the same for Economic Crimes licensed software, then this can be accomplished by getting rid of some software products and bought others. But a month later everything starts again, and after another two months will ubep and find unlicensed software "- says Golev. "Going into one organization, we asked: What software do you use? – Recalls Golev.