Google Content

How I place my products in the Google Shopping? The first step you to be able to place its products in the Google Shopping is to have an account of the Google. can be an account or an account that is in using the Google Apps. If you already have an account in the Google it is alone if to register in cadastre here in the Google Shopping. After this you need to send for the Google Shopping its products, them you can be sent, basically, of two forms: Feed of data or API. Feed of data is the form simplest to integrate its virtual store with the Google Shopping where an archive in format XML is created specified for the Google that contains all its products. Already the API more than demands a little programming knowledge that they desire to integrate its applicatory ones to the Google Merchant Center. It is well more flexible and allows the applicatory ones to send given new, to bring up to date or to exclude existing item.

For mias details on Google Content API it will be Shopping How to be excellent in the Google Shopping? As it always formulates it that the Google uses to classify the sites is not disclosed, but after reading some articles and making some tests we can affirm that: Attributes in the Feed: The more of the attributes of the product you to obtain to inform in the Feed or saw Api you are better.? Images obviously, the Google Shopping wants to show the different people images of product. In case that you send a variety of photos, or photos with good quality, its possibilities to appear located well in the Shopping increase.? Heading of its page of product: title tag of the page of its product back in its website helps you to appear listed better in the Google Shopping;? The price: When better it will be its price in relation to its competitors better.? The description of the product: Here he is where you can make the difference create an only description for its product and try to run away from the description standard that is offered by the manufacturer and that, probably, all your competitors you use. This is not a certeira prescription of success is only impressions of the tests that we made with our customers and of the research that we carry through. you already are using the Google shopping? How they are its results?