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WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.2 Advantages? It diminishes infrastructure costs of broad band for connection with the final user (last mile). It must have a great acceptance for users still more, following the Wi-Fi technology (IEEE 802,11) and diminishing the costs of the technology; It will make possible, according to specification, high data-communication taxes; It will make possible the creation of a net of covering of connection of similar Internet to the one of cellular covering, allowing access to the same Internet in movement; It exists ample support of the development and improvement of this technology on the part of the industry. 5.3Contras? In the tests currently carried through one revealed as great frustration how much to the transmission tax; Although the many initiatives and research, this technology still has a period of maturation to be reached; It can, in some countries, to have overlapping of use of frequency with some existing service already; In some countries the technology already was made impracticable had to one specific politics for protection of the capital investment (CAPEX), already carried through with licenses of the technology of mobile telephony UMTS. In the higher bands of frequency the interferences for rain exist limitations how much, causing reduction of taxes of transferences and the rays of covering. WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.4 Wi-MAX availability uses permitted Rdio Freqncia (RF) specter, that supplies protection against not authorized accesses, in certain measure. Existemferramentas available that is of easy use for the jamming doespectro of planned Wi-MAX implementations.

Together with the physical layer, attacks denial of service, intruders can use management legacy frames to paradesligar legitimate connections of net. 6 CONCLUSION As the advance of the nets without-wire is a inescapvel reality. Some companies and institutions possess its bases wireless for connection delap-tops in local net. One expects that the Wi-Max technology starts the serincorporada one to notebooks and PDAs already in 2006. Some companies esteem that at2009 will have 4,4 million people using voice on Wi-Max. Brazil is dandoum important step when implanting the Wi-Max technology in Ouro Preto. Astecnologias without-wire can assist the country in the acceleration of inclusodigital projects, mainly in devoid regions of National Net of Ensinoe searches.