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New Volvo Fmx

The Peru was elected by the Swedish volvo for presenting Latin American of his new truck for mining. It is robust and seasoned truck volvo fmx designed to transport off roads. For assistance, try visiting SIEM. It is here to stay. In a crowded in the Marriot Hotel in Miraflores press conference, the main executives of Volvo Latin America and Peru, presented at society your new Volvo Truck made for hard work in the mining industry. Today Volvo trucks it has a solid position in the heavy transport in conditions demanding in many markets. The launch of the new Volvo fmx will further strengthen our position, said Roger Alm, President and Director General of Volvo Latin America. With this new mining truck, Volvo seeks to substantially increase its business in heavy transport for the most demanding working conditions, from mining through to construction and agriculture.

This vehicle is ideal for terrestrial transport off roads and it has a design suitable for heavy industry. Volvo is currently leader in the Peru and holds a participation of more than 65% in the mining sector. FMX trucks were exposed in expomina 2010 and the day following was held an exhibition in the Pucara quarry to the South of lima. Our country was chosen for presentation Latin American the new Volvo FMX and fairly Peru being a mining country par excellence, chose to see the presentation of the single truck designed and configured for extreme applications, said Luis Felipe Aching, Manager of communication and marketing of Volvo Peru. This version is the evolution of the previous FM. It has the same Powertrain, it has a greater height, guards in the front, headlights account with new safety devices as the breathalyzers, that are embedded in the truck so that drivers pass a breathalyzer test before switching on of the machine, Anadio Felipe Aching.

In another part Conference General Manager Director of volvo Peru, Rolf Smedberg said: our current Volvo fm has had much success. With the new volvo fmx designed expressly for its purpose and our support services, we significantly increase our excellent participation in this business. The new volvo fmx Volvo took the FM model and developed it more to make it even better. The current platform FM transmission system remains intact. Comments from drivers were the inspiration for many of the new features of the new Volvo. Writes: Mario Gonzales pink font: revista maquinariastock.

Nac Act

The National State ensures that recruitment procedures to ensure the conditions laid down in current legislation and are mandatory for full employment of people with disabilities to an effective job of work. RESTRICTIONS: Credit disability, certified by the competent health authority, possess the Certificate of Disability. The Petitioner required to prove the conditions of suitability for the job or position to be filled and / or requests. LAW: Law 22 431 Section 8 and 10 , 23 462 Nat Law, Law 23 592 Nac, Nac Law article 5 24 308 25 689 Nac Act, Section 16 of the Constitution, Art 42 of the Constitution of the good city Aires, Act 1502 of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Province Law 10 592. LAW A.

.. Get the granting of an area for the use of a small business in all public offices of the National State, in decentralized, autarkic, joint ventures of the State, public agencies of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, in public offices of provincial and municipal governments. Incorporated in the scheme, private companies providing public services. Such as telephone, electricity, gas, water, transport land, air, sea or river, health care or education at all levels, etc., as well as social work of various private sectors. LIMITATIONS: Applicants must comply with the terms established by the provisions and obligations, be registered in the register of small businesses aspiring to be installed, with the competent authority in relation to the application. LEGISLATION: Nat Law 22 431, Law 24 308 Nat.

The Universe

The beginning of this secret is perseverance, which has a positive mind will continue to insist even when faced with many setbacks, until you achieve your goal. And returning to the concept of the competitive mind, will it happen everytime you go to an interview and it is rejected, the next time you go to a call from work it will fall more despondent. Here then is when I say modestly: need to change the attitude. And from this time is that I’m going to give the opposite example, i.e. Act with creative mind imagine for a moment that God or the universe lets people get their job if they meet a magic rule. And that magic rule is that a person before getting his job must pass over the span of a month by 50 interviews. What happens contrary to which acts with the competitive mind? When this person is rejected on, your trust and faith in getting the job will increase proportionally to the number of times in that it has been rejected. Because that person will know that that magic rule, how much It is closest to the number 50, more faster will get the job.

Do you understand the concept? I gave a hypothetical example of this magic rule, which for some may be 50, for another 100 and someone else only 5. But the issue is to understand that they must take this change in attitude, to learn to deal with what at first seems as an adversity in order to not take it as something negative, but only as a step that brings us ever closer to our goal. That is, if we tell us: you should do this in this way and will invariably get what they want; Surely one would apply this procedure no matter the stumbles, because at the end of that road, the Treasury would be expecting us with total certainty.

Summer Holidays

Advancing the long-awaited summer vacation. Schoolchildren will be a "sea" of free time. And it is very important that children benefit from it and had to avoid all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, during this period increases the number of accidents on the water. Only in the period from June to August 2008 on the rivers and reservoirs drowned 8 children. Dear parents! Our tips for Vasya and your children. Take time to your child, tell him about the dangers with which he may encounter while on vacation no matter where he is resting.

Water Safety Being near the water, never forget about their own safety, be very careful: – children go to bathe without adult supervision is dangerous – swim only in specially designated and equipped areas – do not apply false alarms – does not swim for the fencing and signs do not swim close to passing ships, submarines, boats – dangerous swim away, because you can not calculate their strength – if you caught the current, swim diagonally to the nearest shore – if you're in a whirlpool type more air into the lungs, dive into the water, and making a strong push to the side, comes up – when bathing not bring themselves to chill. If hypothermia can occur convulsions, respiratory arrest occur, loss of consciousness – avoid heat stroke, are not long time in the sun – it is dangerous to jump sharply or enter the water after a long stay in the sun. When cooled in water, a sharp reflex contraction of muscles, which entails the cessation of breathing – Observe drinking schedule. Discuss with your children all the well-known formula of security, which is as follows: – to anticipate the danger – as far as possible to avoid it – if necessary, to act decisively and clearly – fight to the last. Active (in all possible ways) to ask for help, and most provide it. REMINDER: – the occurrence of any emergency situation is an urgent need to call the rescue service over the telephone 01 (set by cell phone-112) – a single hotline Emergency Management Chief of Russia in the Komi Republic, 29-99-99. Ust-Kulom plot Centre gift Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Komi