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On March 31 has been marked on the calendar by Anonymous as the day in which the hacktivist Group intends to make his greatest attack on the network so far, attacking 13 servers key. ConocoPhillips is likely to agree. Starting with a phrase that seems to attack the user: the greatest enemy of freedom is a happy slave, this masked Group intends to protest the law soup, Wallstreet, irresponsible leaders and bankers. Which is why is that they want to make dropping Internet. At the end of these thirteen servers, according to Anonymous, nobody will be able to carry out a search for domain names, and therefore carried out the disabling of HTTP, which is the most used Web function. I.e., if someone enter for example or any other URL, you will receive an error message, so you think that Internet has fallen, although in reality is not that.

The truth is that Anonymous has endeavoured in the statement to explain all the technical aspects of how they will carry task be performed. They materialize not the duration of the hypothetical attack, but they say it may be an hour up to days. But who do have insurance is that it will be global. Audea security of information Department of Marketing and communication source: PortalTic..

Sierra Morena

The report points to the fact that the over-exploitation of water resources and pollution are the main anthropogenic actions that affect the biodiversity of inland water ecosystems and adds that overfishing is modifying the structure and function of marine ecosystems. Estimates for the Bay of Biscay indicate a reduction in the trophic level in this area. On the other hand, the occurrence of fish species and other taxa with tropical affinities is becoming increasingly frequent, appreciating its expansion northwards. 23 more protected areas climatic conditions conducive to species loss occurs mainly in the Central system, Sierra Morena and Picos de Europa, as well as the mountains of Cadiz, and the areas between the boundaries of the provinces of the Basque country and Navarra, South of Galicia and North of Zamora. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Therefore, the report recommends maintaining the ecological coherence and connectivity of the territory is a priority. At least 23 additional protected areas will be needed to adequately represent terrestrial vertebrates and vascular plants, while around 70 new reserves (many of them micro-reservas) are required for endangered invertebrates. Finally, it concludes that biodiversity plays important economic functions which must be recognized in public policy, even from a strategic point of view as a dynamic element to the exit from the crisis and the orientation to a sustainable production model. The report includes data from the study the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB, by its acronym in English), according to which the annual loss of ecosystem services is equivalent to 50,000 million euros and by 2050 the accumulated welfare losses will be 7% of GDP. Source of the news: the fires will increase in Spain and each time will be longer, more dangerous

Stanford University

The universe is full of contradictions, as human nature. There are certainties, but also lingering. A look at the latest news confirms the predictable and strange that might be. Example of certainty: the scientists pay tribute to Albert Einstein with observations that confirm his theory of general relativity, that exotic concept that combines space and time as one thing. A satellite launched in 2004, Gravity Probe B (GP do?(B) equipped with ultra-sensitive four gyroscopes, has just demonstrated in one of the experiments more elegant, delicate and complex physics, Earth, spin, dragging space time with her, as can be deduced from the work of Einstein. You have to imagine it as if it were immersed in honey. As the planet rotates, the honey that is around also makes it with him. Same thing happens with spacetime, said Francis Everett, main researcher at Stanford University, who has spent three decades of his life to prove it.

Example of mystery: in the same month of may where he ratified at Einstein, NASA astronomers discovered a series of ten strange planets floating in the midst of the darkness of space without any stars around. These worlds, situated between 10,000 and 20,000 light years away from Earth, are the size of Jupiter, and represent a new class of planet, which does not have any sunlight to pay tribute or orbit to its around. The team of David Bennett of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend (Indiana, EE UU), speculates that perhaps these worlds have been expelled from the planetary systems, becoming a sort of renegade cosmic. Your number could be even more astronomical, bending of the stars in our Milky way! Source of the news:: 7 mysteries of the universe

Scientists Discover

Decode the genetic code of a species of yeast used in the brewing blonde. Manufacturers of Bavaria took five centuries using a mixed yeast with half of their genes of an unknown species. This yeast would have reached Europe accidentally. A group of scientists has deciphered the genetic code of a species of yeast, used to BREW blonde beer, found in Patagonia (Argentina), which helps to solve one of the mysteries in the preparation of this drink, according to a study published Monday. The study was carried out in a wooded area in the Northwest of Patagonia, in the extreme south of Argentina, and finally solved the mystery of the yeast that for more than five centuries the European producers in the region of Bavaria have brewed.

Scientists knew that type lager – of low fermentation – beers made from a hybrid yeast, with half of its genes from a common yeast and the other half of an unknown species, which just being discovered by a team of researchers from Argentina, Portugal and United States. Using molecular techniques, Professor Jose Sampaio and Paula Goncalves, new University of Lisbon, they investigated more than 1,000 species of yeast used by the European producers of beer, but were unsuccessful and decided to extend the investigation to all over the world. Patagonia is the natural home of many species of yeast and together with the investigator of the National Council of scientific research and techniques (Argentina), Diego Libkind, found strains of a species candidate. Once taken samples, University of Colorado researchers sequenced the genome of the strain and found that the coincidence – 99.5 percent – was almost total with which is used to make beer. Accidentally reached Europe authors have dubbed his find as Saccharomyces pastorianus, a cold-tolerant species and, probably, f bluehash moved into Europe accidentally in wood of any boat or by the intervention of the fly of the fruit. The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), indicates that these findings could help create improved brewing yeasts. Source of the news: A group of scientists discover the key of the yeast in Patagonia

Spanish Democracy

Controlled by the police, simply have been limited to express their discontent with the current system of parliamentary representation. Concentrates have placed a banner at the Cibeles fountain with the motto, the website where the outraged this motion inform about their activities. We are not alone, together Spain will be never conquered and United World will never be defeated are some of the slogans protesters chanted. Shortly thereafter, have formed a human chain around the plaza de Cibeles, causing traffic problems of considerable at the entrances to the square, although at 17.30 h in the afternoon the Congregation decided to make way for three buses. Around 1930, have abandoned the Madrilena plaza de Cibeles and returned to the Puerta del Sol, the cry of this is our House, for a concentration and the usual general Assembly of 20.00 hours. Police barricades moments before sitting in the Sacramento Street, a barricade mounted by the national police in the Calle Mayor tried to prevent the outraged the movement 15-M reach of Madrid City Hall headquarters in the plaza de la Villa, concentrated in the surrounding screaming to be, not represent us and call it democracy and it is not.

The demonstrators were placed on three points that were acordonados by the security forces: in the main street coming from San Miguel, another point from Bailen and also in the Sacramento Street, where it remained parked official cars. As indicated from the Twitter of AcampadSol, the police placed billboards on every street 500 meters radius of City Hall. The aim of the outraged was concentrate before the Town Hall during the Constitution of the municipal corporation elected in the municipal of on May 22 and the re-election of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon as Mayor of the capital. Police also monitored access to the main street from Bailen and the rest of the streets adjacent, although with one smaller device. They simulate a burial near three hundred people concentrated in the vicinity of the Plaza de la Villa have simulated in addition the burial of democracy with a paraphernalia that have not been lacking coffin, false priests and cries.

They remained concentrated in the access to the main street by the Plaza de San Miguel, hailing slogans against politicians in general and against Gallardon in particular. At any given time have come two false priests dressed in some alleged cassocks and people who carried a coffin, symbol of democracy. The false priests have asked mourning the death of democracy and has encouraged a minute from crying, that attendees have been seconded. More a spokesman for the Chief of police of Madrid police devices indicated that the device created in the vicinity of the Plaza de la Villa was similar to that adopted this Saturday in the vicinity of the headquarters of the city councils of all Spain. In the case of Madrid, took into account the main street connects the Plaza de la Villa to the Puerta del Sol, which has been the scene over the last four weeks of a camping trip from outraged critics with Spanish politicians.