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Sierra Morena

The report points to the fact that the over-exploitation of water resources and pollution are the main anthropogenic actions that affect the biodiversity of inland water ecosystems and adds that overfishing is modifying the structure and function of marine ecosystems. Estimates for the Bay of Biscay indicate a reduction in the trophic level in this area. On the other hand, the occurrence of fish species and other taxa with tropical affinities is becoming increasingly frequent, appreciating its expansion northwards. 23 more protected areas climatic conditions conducive to species loss occurs mainly in the Central system, Sierra Morena and Picos de Europa, as well as the mountains of Cadiz, and the areas between the boundaries of the provinces of the Basque country and Navarra, South of Galicia and North of Zamora. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Therefore, the report recommends maintaining the ecological coherence and connectivity of the territory is a priority. At least 23 additional protected areas will be needed to adequately represent terrestrial vertebrates and vascular plants, while around 70 new reserves (many of them micro-reservas) are required for endangered invertebrates. Finally, it concludes that biodiversity plays important economic functions which must be recognized in public policy, even from a strategic point of view as a dynamic element to the exit from the crisis and the orientation to a sustainable production model. The report includes data from the study the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity (TEEB, by its acronym in English), according to which the annual loss of ecosystem services is equivalent to 50,000 million euros and by 2050 the accumulated welfare losses will be 7% of GDP. Source of the news: the fires will increase in Spain and each time will be longer, more dangerous