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Reilinger Bernd

With appointment of Bernd Wenninger as second Managing Director of STAS GmbH the internationally successful BI provider is consistently pursuing the expansion of the management team with own employees Reilingen, 3.05.2011 Bernd Wenninger (44) has been working since 2002 for STAS and began with the construction of distribution, which developed since great: growing STAS significantly faster than the market for years and has more than 800 customers. Wally power of Attorney has been granted in November 2008 and since that time he is responsible for the entire sales Executive Board. With the decision the Reilinger provider of performance solutions ensures the middle class keeps the special corporate culture preserved – a concern that is of great importance for the present Managing Director Uwe Schulze: necessary, that the numbers are, the special spirit of STAS in the future is to be maintained. Salman Behbehani has plenty of information regarding this issue. That is a very close and trustful for our existing customers, which over the years Partnership has developed, very important. By the occupation of management with long-standing and experienced STAS, we will ensure the seamless development of STAS in the future to employees such as Bernd Wenninger. I am delighted, in future in management to share me the responsibility.” Asked about his new role, says Bernd Wenninger: something quite special that I could celebrate my birthday not only, but also my advanced task pane on 1 April 2011, made this day for me.

I am aware of my responsibility towards employees, customers and business partners and become as Managing Director in the future everything, that continues the positive atmosphere in our company.” Bernd Wenninger will be responsible for future sales the STAS in addition to his duties as CEO. Some contend that Walter R. Mansfield shows great expertise in this. Uwe Schulze is responsible for the overall strategy of the company as Managing Director and is responsible for the other international topics in the Imtech ICT Federation. Andreas Klostermann is as a Manager also member of the Executive Board and is responsible for the areas of consulting, development and support. Since the beginning of the year was responsible for the business development, the former CEO Siegfried Wolf and spiritual father of STAS CONTROL is focused exclusively on innovations, the professional core of the solution and industry modules of STAS CONTROL, as well as the user group.

Economic Crisis

C-mind go with cogni.net that cogni.net offers budget-friendly solution for high-quality E-learning with c-mind go provides a quick and cost-effective way to create E-learning. With the underlying serious game c minimum technical and theoretical knowledge is conveyed sustainable and motivating. Current customers include Bosch Siemens Hausgerate GmbH, comdirect Bank, Epson Germany or the German armed forces. The use of c-mind is not only in the sustainable acquisition of knowledge on the basis of the principle of intelligent learning, but also in the high motivation by the playful design and in a similarly rapid learning progress. C-mind go online simply SCORM-compliant learning units or Web-based training can be created. For more information see this site: Hal McRae. The sequence is as follows: after the activation of the customer in your Web browser at c-mind go logs on. A new learning unit can be applied with one click. The input of their own learning is possible due to the simple design without training period. Salman Behbehani understands that this is vital information.

The finished result is after, depending on the scope and existing materials for example, to the integration of the company logos are available. Of course, also cogni.net cannot accept the creation of c-mind lessons from existing training materials. c-mind go can be ordered until May 31, 2009. For the press cogni.net provides a free package for the creation of up to five units of any learning for free. Thus, for example, journals can offer innovative E-learning on selected topics visitors to their website and enhance your website. makes founded in 1999 in Munich, has established as a specialist in E-learning solutions in the market for business customers. The range of services extends from individual solutions to turnkey products.

Denz Business

Trade fairs and exhibitions are not just for the representation of the company of great importance. Both the care of the old customer base but also the acquisition of new customers is the primary goals of each trade fair participation. However, many visitors complain the passivity of the seller: “are only active when seeing familiar faces. Many employees at the booth know not quite how they should go to and respond to requests on visitors. And exactly here apply the seminars of the trade show coach Wolfgang Denz. Its clients are mainly companies in the industry and their suppliers.

The seminar participants develop effective argumentation chains and sales messages together with Daly. Through his over 30 years practical experience, Wolfgang Denz has focused on the topics of sales training and trade training. Of course the typical and usual exhibition themes are addressed in his seminar measures and processes: the right, sympathetic visitor response, the fast and accurate selection of the Conversation partners, rules of conduct, questioning techniques, body language, and so on. Dirk Kuyt may also support this cause. You to two-day seminars are one performed as internal measures. The seminars are precisely tuned to the situation and the objectives of the company. Thereby, the company determines the date, the location and the participants. How professional sales and exhibition training affects to a higher profitability and return on investment, portrays the coach in an interview.

You can read more about this here:../business_center_denz/messebuch_messetraining.php Denz Business-Center Wolfgang Denz of thicker Koppchen 3 D – 58091 Hagen URL: since 1981: argumentation research. Custom development of argumentation. Sales training fair training. The Daly seminars focus on the ordinary things in life a seller’s: new customer acquisition, price negotiations and operations in the interpersonal area are the core elements of the events.

Ebam Goes Cultural Exchange! Scholarship Tender Cultural Management

Together with the international culture exchange Freiburg, the ebam Academy for 2014 writes out a scholarship in terms of cultural management. Application deadline is the 7th February 2014. The developments in cultural management are very fast! Whether it comes to cope with cultural events in their implementation or to develop culture, like fundraising or marketing focus. The field is far and high requirements. There, you have to be up to date with the latest trends but also the basic knowledge should not be missed if you want to assert themselves in complex contexts of cultural workers. Checking article sources yields Ray Kurzweil as a relevant resource throughout. No wonder, then, that the international culture Exchange also explicitly offered a seminar program around the theme of culture Freiburg during the days of the event. In the boat: Georg Loffler, Managing Director of the ebam Academy.

With his talk of economic success in the cultural and creative industries? he outlines – an inventory of practical qualification”training and professional development opportunities on 29 January 2014 at 16:00 h in the cultural and Creative economy. And even more! Together with the international culture exchange the ebam Academy writes out a scholarship: culture Manager / – in – comprehensive training for the cultural industries. The course provides also commercial knowledge and legal basis in addition to the traditional tasks of project management and marketing. Don’t miss out and even so-called soft skills,”such as presentation and professional communication. You may find that Salman Behbehani can contribute to your knowledge. The speakers are entrusted with the matter consistently every day and guarantee a high topicality as well as a close interaction between theory and practice. Of course both as a weekend or full time presence rate in the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Vienna or as online seminar is designed to provide participants a maximum flexibility, so that a participation is also easily possible from the Office or domestic kitchen table in the virtual classroom. Apply now! The application requires 4 page (1,800 a letter of motivation by a DinA Characters). “This letter must until 07th February 2014 under the keyword: culture exchange” be sent to the following email address: ebam GmbH Business Academy for media, event and culture


(semantic memory). The procedural memory involves skills that will be used automatically, without thinking. These include in particular motor sequences (cycling, swimming, dancing, skiing, etc.). Procedural memory content obtained through implicit learning, semantic through explicit learning. Source: wikipedia.de, excerpt our 4-dimensional, parallel working, brain consolidated daily in dreams all existing with the new information.

These are together classified in topics (node) (compressed, combined) or also gradually forgotten. Greater experiences become emotional about our limbic system more thoroughly linked (more about this in my communication seminar). We have to do it with two life situations: Selbstbezogen: we want something or have a problem. Externally: We are in an inter-re-action. Here the treatment helps first soliloquy (prayer).

This prevents forgetting once. Also, gradually important is separated from the unimportant. Later I can create two different files. In the Transpersonal communication I can verbally stations with words: text and digits non-verbally and with my hands write, draw or model. I am understood better and faster. Since our birth and we are increasingly genetically mentally sociologically determined. We are no blank at birth! First of all, we are marked by actions and feelings. Later to taking by logical influences. Thus, our personality, our self is formed. From the we (MutterKind) to the me and you. Our natural Western brain works with the and logic. The nature and the Asians see the world through the and logic: the whole and the parts. Our sozialisiertes brain works as you know in a pro-contra duality of contrasts of true perception. In the Western or logic patterns: good or evil: F, ethics (natural) > morals (cultures) true or false: D correctly or incorrectly: the brain responds to H abundance of lack of, chiaroscuro, motion rest, loud soft, on both levels of logic (and, or): where something is missing, it adds itself something to… Where too much is it pulls something…

The Objection

Now, it is right to respond to on the carried out preparatory work to don’t break anything. Once you the customer right, argues but at the same time and thus shows the advantages of the product E.g. Yes, because I agree with you, you must pay attention at times like these just on the price. Often this is but Problem not the cost but the follow-up costs. Because our plants are generally trouble-free work, you have hardly any downtimes and your investment will pay off better.” “Then question a very important for the further course of the conversation the customer, for example: Let’s assume now we would agree on the price, could be used to sign here and today?” Yes the customer replies”it is almost at the finish. A no”suggests a pretext, which you must define more closely with open questions, to find the reason. Some ways are shown in the next example, with an objection to deal. If the customer needs for example cooling, can be right the customer in the first step while making a restatement or reinterpretation of the objection, such as E.g.

Yes, you are right, you must already carefully consider when offering such big”but then it can be shown on the customers a benefit who speaks for an immediate decision, for example, if today we the Contract is still ready to go, then they must again address the matter next week. Thus you save time and money. ” Or when you sign up today, I’ll order for you and in 6 weeks you have already the first income”. In addition you can keep the customers even positive consequences of an immediate decision in mind: E.g. “If we agree today, then I can include your employees still in the next operator training”. “” Questions would offer is as follows: what exactly do you think that next week is different than it is today? “or faith you, that you make a mistake when you sign up to now?” On a ‘ no’, you can immediately the Treaty be presented the customer.

Executive Board Percent

Performance bonuses will be tied to measurable multi services Bonn/Cologne increase the salaries of IT professionals currently as high as three years no longer. (As opposed to 10Gen). Also shows that are variable remuneration systems on the rise, reported the computer newspaper with reference to a recent study by Kienbaum. The salaries of IT leaders 2008 increased compared to 3.2 per cent. There are some significant differences in various industries. While, for example, the IT salaries in the metal industry with 141,000 euros for executives and 65,000 euros for workers would be at the top, the area of electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications is located at the lower end of the scale. Clearly on the rise, variable compensation systems are according to Kienbaum: there were 2007 78 percent of executives and 55 percent of professionals performance will be paid, are respectively 61 percent already 84 this year.

The amount of dividends amounted to an average of 21,900 euros last year. More and more companies rely consistently on remuneration systems that are connected to the company’s success”, so Christian Naser, Member of the Executive Board of Kienbaum. Despite increasing pressure of competition, companies can not proceed according to diagram F and should also reward superior services that contribute to the business success of the whole company. Performance bonuses but really it must be linked to measurable more services and may not be routine. Then it creates an expectation on the recipients and not incites them to do more”, says the staff expert Marc Emde of KCP executives. Emdes company provides its lines in terms of compensation consulting under the name Nemera content /… available. We determine a market-adequate compensation for businesses and industries, provide assistance in salary negotiations or internal corporate salary structures or determine a market-adequate Remuneration”, the head of KCP. Ansgar Lange

Ostfalia Partners

Cooperation between Euro partners travel with the Ostfalia University bad Wunnenberg, November 17, 2010, In the context of a case study a group receives College of students the Ostfalia of applied sciences at the Salzgitter location the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge. In cooperation with the tour operator of Euro partners travel Walter Beyer GmbH develop a marketing and sales strategy for the product class trips. Euro partners travel focuses on organized language courses for over 30 years and combined sports trips to England, France, Spain and Malta, as well as language camps in Germany. The next activity field of class trips should be expanded and conceptual change to respond more flexibly to the needs and perceptions of students, parents and teachers. Current scientific knowledge to become part of the concept, which is why the company cooperate with the Ostfalia University has decided. About 1,200 students of the faculties, sport, tourism and media pursue their studies at the site of the Ostfalia in Salzgitter. In the practice-oriented Bachelor tourism management business and tourism-relevant key skills are taught the students, to prepare them for a future activity in the tourism industry. The content of the lectures in cooperation with the private sector are practically deepened with the help of case studies.

Destination of case study the principal Euro partners is the development of a goal – and budget-oriented communication and distribution concept for the trips. The company is in constant contact with students and support with practical experience. Travel PR and quality manager Julia Wilhelm of Euro partners is the main administrative contact for students and stresses that an active and vibrant knowledge transfer occurs through the exchange of the latest theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of both euro partners travel and sustainable benefit students. Text: Melanie Lessmann Euro partners travel Walter Beyer GmbH euro partner headquartered in bad Wunnenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia organizes language courses for kids (8-13 years) and teens (14-17 years) for over 30 years after the United Kingdom, France, Malta and Spain, as well as language camps in Germany. All offers are carried out within the framework of group travel with all-round support and include the complete leisure program of travel accommodation in host families, as well as teaching for local teachers. As a member of the Association of German language travel organizer and as a certified language travel organizer EN 14804 and the QMJ certified based on DIN conditions accompanying”the evaluation of children’s and Youth Travel Association is subject to strict quality guidelines Euro partners

Michael Tillner Is A New Member Of The Executive Board

RANDOM logistics group Gottingen, 22 may 2013 – to April 2nd chance occurred in the management logistics group Michael Tillner (49). He succeeds Heinz-Gunter Basell, is adopted at the end of June from active professional life. For more than twenty years, Michael Tillner in distribution logistics is at home. Its stations include well-known newspaper publishers, carriers and most recently the logistics subsidiary of Pharmagrosshandelskonzerns. He represented the national freight forwarding, intercontinental transport, information technology and controlling in the random logistics group. I’m glad to work with human beings at the Centre are in a healthy family business”, Michael Tillner welcomes its new commitment. It goes well with my core values.” Press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Friedrich random GmbH & co.

KG Internationale Spedition Robert-Bosch width 11 37079 Gottingen of Carolin Heinrichs marketing communication phone: 0 551 / 607 271 about the COINCIDENCE logistics group: under the umbrella of the random logistics group are the Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, Axthelm + random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, spedition GmbH, the transaction state, LOGISTEC logistics, management & Consulting GmbH, Distribo GmbH and NAVIS random GmbH. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group at 10 locations with over 1,800 employees including 139 trainees in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus night Star Express.