Google – the biggest search engine on the Internet that exists in our time, and tailored to his site is not so easy. This paper presents some techniques that will allow your project to advance in the search engine Google. This will take from you is not enough time, from several months to a year. 1.Sozdavayte site for the debt for you have chosen a domain name. For the first publication of the site on the Internet, you must be 100 + pages of original content. This Article programs and so on. depending on what topic your site.

2.Domennoe name. It should be easy to remember. Now is the time brands. Sonorous name will be many times more popular than a simple 'set of characters. " 3.Razmer pages – less the better. Just do not run to create a page without the design. Site design should be optimized.

Each page should 'weigh "not more than 15-20Kb. And then 20 kb for the low-speed modem – a lot. For every second of delay loading site, you can lose up to 10% of visitors. Users can not wait. 4.Do not lean on JavScript, Google does not like them, and in other matters all the search engines do not like them. Do not include an important, targeted content in Javascript. You can use ajax, but try to use or develop is optimized scripts. 5.Sdelayte so that the search spiders to index your site, do not face difficulties. Link to internal links from your homepage. Be sure to keep the site "Site Map". 6.Uchet statistics – keep track of all incoming requests and the way the site. Look for practical, accurate data logger that can help you. Put the counter and watch for incoming traffic. But in no case do not try to cheat. 7.Obraschayte attention to the requests that people use. If your site is about mobile phones, create a keyword's and cellular, and just 'mobile phones. " Users on such requests will fall on Your they need is the site. The search engine itself tells you which queries, most people are looking for what you have, the main thing to listen to this. 8. Create a page a day. Google loves when the site is updated frequently. If you wake add a page a day, for the year you will be 400 original pages, which will bring you targeted traffic. 9.Originalnost. If your site will have everything, absolutely everything, the original (content) is the target audience you certainly not lose. Place your content with the right KeyWord'ami. Case KeyWord'y must contain at least 5% of the content of one page. 10.Proveryayte site every six months. Browse through increased if your tic and pr, if you check everywhere 'Zalistili "if all your pages indexed. If that something is wrong, fix it. Using these ten steps, after a year you can call your site a success. It will have its own target audience, which ranges from 500 to 1000 users, it will attract surfers who will bring your website targeted traffic. Targeted traffic, will not make you think of to send him back on track. Good luck!