Clinical Oncology

Numerous studies, many funded by NIH, for example, show how treatments such as meditation reduce pressure and blood restriction and mitigate the physiological response to stress. Indeed, the majority of patients who graduate from these programs come with enhanced immune function, decreased angina, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol, lower levels of stress and a reduced need for medication to surgery and heart. And for pain, fatigue and depression There are other therapies with natural remedies and alternative medicine. A recent study by treatment centres against the Cancer of America (which uses integrated treatments for each of the 16,000 patients who enter its doors every year) found that after six months, 65 percent of carefully integrated pancreatic cancer patients in this case a combination of therapies with natural remedies, melatoninGreen tea and vitamins reported a manageable pain, compared with 22 percent of the patients who did not receive integrated care. More than one-third of these patients reported lower levels of fatigue. According to another study, presented last year at the meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, patients with pancreatic cancer in stage three, which received a range of alternative therapies and remedies along with aggressive chemotherapy, had a survival rate almost double (76 weeks) than similar patients who only received the treatment of conventional chemotherapy. But despite all these studies and research, alternative medicine is not the only solution.

If you are hit by a truck, you need a trauma center. If you need a heart bypass operation, you need surgery, there is no remedy or alternative therapy that is worth. The greater role of natural remedies, along with a healthy lifestyle, is prevention. Avoid falling in the hospital again, learn to manage tension, stress or depression, healthy eating and exercise are all factors that influence our body in a positive way and leads us to avoid or manage those illnesses that we have more effectively. Complementary and alternative medicine with natural remedies play a very important role in the prevention and healthy management of our medical conditions.

And we must not forget that many medicines and drugs manufactured today come from ingredients that were once part of a natural remedy practiced in the past. Medical research and modern technology were in charge of identifying and isolating the key ingredient, amplifying their benefits and manufacturing on a large scale. Who knows if the alternative medicine today to become the modern medicine of the future.