Leonardo Da Vinci

The idea has two paths: develop it yourself or put it to work as a team. In either of the two alternatives, which generates the idea should work it until they take form, then he will decide if he carried out or proposed it to their community. It would be best that the idea creator developed it; the merit is yours and the benefits also. Let’s start by defining idea: is the generation of a new concept, procedure, method, etc. which may be a continuation of something that already exists or a completely new, unprecedented. Provided that an idea was born, everything changes for good or evil but everything changes. The two large generators of ideas were Leonardo Da Vinci in the 14th century and Tomas Alba Edison in the 17TH century; There are also those who have developed only an idea like Albert Einstein with his theory of relativity and the contemporary Bell Gates Gates with its operating system for computers, this just to mention the most popular and recent. You will be agree with me in that whenever an idea, which is converted into invention, someone becomes very rich.

It is important that ideas almost always benefit to humanity. There are ideas that only change the way applied, revolutionizing altogether. For example the nutritional supplements that have traditionally been present as juices, pills, pills, powders or shakes, this evolving his form of transport, take, swallow a way more practice, an example of this is the company, with additives suspended in Gel, technology of the space age that dramatically replaced powders, pills, juices and smoothies, becoming a technology replacement that promises to be a revolutionary trend. How much is an idea worth? The value is directly proportional to its implementation and the benefits it brings. Anyone can generate revolutionary ideas only is question to carry out thoughts about some concept or something that worries him.