Integrated Automation

Automation of business – is a complex of administrative and technical work. And this is – not a trivial install software on computers. This event is bound to ask the customer time and money resources, and most importantly – resource 'desire to automate and vision of purpose'! Work on the implementation of software, usually consist of the following steps: 1. Survey of the subject of automation, the identification of key goals, objectives and elements of automation. At this stage, is determined by: – There is paperwork – concerned departments, the employees – the types of information, ways to share it – calculation algorithms, external factors affecting on them – forms of primary documentation, standards paged and download the information – the form of internal, external financial and management reporting. Also, at this stage, we study the reflection of the above processes Accounting and depth of automation with the defined goals and objectives. The result of this work, as a rule, it is: a) "Report on the survey " with a detailed description of identified goals, objectives, information flow, automation objects with their attributes and parameters, and b) "Recommendations on technical and administrative activities for the automation of " in which, relying on the expertise of our senior staff, will set out a list of administrative actions and technical tools for automation. It also will reflect the degree of suitability of software "1C" or other vendors to solve the tasks and the types of databases and other software suitable for the task.