Ambient Conscience

Ambient conscience The serious ecological crisis that the humanity crosses is the result of the moral crisis and spiritual who comes if accenting has centuries for the removal of the man of essential values to its nature as the respect for I obtain exactly and stops with the other human beings its brothers. The man comes if brutalizing, although the technological advance, product of the intellectual development that was incapable to humanizar it. The great discoveries and the great advances have served to infernizar its existence and to harden its heart incapable to soften the anger of a instinctive reason that became it enemy of itself exactly and of the Nature. The ambient crisis is consequence of this serious crisis spiritual. To save the environment the human being will have to be saved using its intelligence and its heart.

It has emergenciais problems to be decided: the destruction of the forests, the layer of ozone, the contamination of ground and waters, the wild consumerism, the demographic explosion, the education. But it will always be a confrontation to the consequences and not to the causes, as in the case of the violence, that emergencialmente must be fought with policing, severe laws, fast justice, but that to the long stated period it will have to be fought with education and distribution of income. To the children if it must teach to respect the fellow creature and the Nature, in the pertaining to school banks and the homes. But who will have to make it if the proper professors do not adopt this behavior? A great educational revolution will have to be taken the handle, starting for educating the adults so that they learn to control and to dominate the thoughts violent that of mind in mind make the estragos that if knows very well. The man left to think seriously, spiritual, to think superficially, materially, egoistically.