But the price was good and was very close to his work. During one month Mabel and Alex came out together almost every day. They were expected to work output. They had long hours of conversation. They would often dance evenings and Alex usually ended up drunk, which I much disliked Mabel. She never saw him smoking marijuana, but he could smell their characteristic aroma in your clothes and in your hair. Mabel saw an intense sadness, a great regret behind the lovely smile from Alex.

Something was inside, which he tried to disguise. She I could sense it. Why stood beside her thinking that I could help him and do so out of his addiction. I had always had tendency to want to help people with problems. She felt that these people emanated something that attracted their sensitivity, and who could not abandon them. Just a pain that the soul had split him in two made that you depart from her boyfriend in Uruguay. Although Mabel could understand that her boyfriend is acostara with her friend sometime in their negative mood, I could not overcome it for wanting to stay by his side. I could forgive him but nothing more.

It had been five months since that fateful day and now, Mabel felt that someone who was very alone once again needed help and she would do everything it could to help her. If something was left to Mabel, it was patience to understand. The first night that Alex spent together had no nightmares, but not the same thing happened the second. In the middle of the night, Alex began giving repeated kicks to Mabel, who woke up scared, and without understanding what was happening. He gave a leaped on the bed and sat down. I had exorbitant eyes and did not cease to shout – I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.