The World

Thus I would like to know. And if you know me I can be resolved. And if I solve it is as if I eliminated. CU?L IS THE PROBLEM OF THE PRESIDENT? That you want to solve the problem of the world and not being able do it, solves the problem of none. CU?L IS THE PROBLEM OF TEACHERS? Some don’t know what they teach and others do not teach what they know. I also know those who neither know nor teach. DOES GOD DO DOES ALLOW THAT THERE ARE PROBLEMS? Why what you ask? Also is you that the blame for its problems spoil God? I am going to say something: God gave man the intelligence to solve their problems not to circumvent them. If man does not use properly his intelligence is not problem of God.

WHY? THEY SAY THAT A PROBLEM IS A CHANCE? Because I never’m only. It almost always accompanies me the tragedy, which is like the Queen of all the problems; the nightmare, a lady that we lose sleep all the problems and the opportunity, which is like the door to all the triumphs. Which of the three do you want to submit? PERHAPS EST?N BY AQU? I already told him that I am never alone. They never desamparan me. We are in fact four. I, the tragedy, the nightmare and the opportunity.

If I do not consort with these friends, it would lose the essence of my existence. People have to choose who goes out to dance the Waltz. It is not that I be hypothesized but I am the most handsome group and why most prefer me, both men and women. What almost no one knows is that tragedy is my someone you trust and who I choose me approaching she. Instead, opportunity is not a person who wakes up my sympathies and why I is hidden from everyone.