Month: February 2014

Chronic Souvenirs

HOMESICKNESS Already it makes much time that left, today, return to the old home. Exactly knowing that everything is changed: The time, the people; Many had left and others, I do not know what he happened. We have many pages in our book of the life. Some, blank, others crumpled up by the time – only pages with picture of many people who had passed in our life. I do not know if this happens with the people who are reading.

However, I feel lack of of my friends and friends, of the wonderful moments; I feel lack of my infancy, the innocent and faithful friendships; I feel lack of that meeting of family in year end. It can until seeming funny, more I I feel seriados lack of the drawings, films and: Hanna Barbera; Of the Club of the Mickey; Magaiver; Jaspion and others. How much they were creative and ingenious, of today they are you force and full of effect special, history does not exist – what valley is the technology;I feel lack to be in the wall of my grandmother waiting passes the salesman of: Cavaco-Chinese, taffy candy and of delicious ‘ ‘ couscous with bondade’ ‘. The only thing that I do not feel lack and not to feel lack. The life passes, and passes fast, so fast that the best things had been there behind. To me it passed and the only thing that I will be able to make is to remember, only, to remember.

French Population

The complete theory of Darwin was published in 1859, with the heading the origin of the species by means of the natural election. This book, that was more known only as the origin of the species, and of which if it said that ' ' it caused a commotion in mundo' ' , it was depleted in the first day of its publication and had been made six successive editions. Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon or conde of Buffon (1707-1788), French naturalist, author of one of first treated the global ones on history to not-based biology and geology in the Bible. Its main workmanship was natural History, work in 36 volumes published between 1749 and 1789. In it if it offers the first naturalistic version of the history of the Land, in which it appeals exclusively the empirical causes to explain the natural phenomena.

Georges Cuvier (1769-1832), French comparative anatomist, specialized in the reconstruction of fsseis and superior education. It defended the immutability of the species, affirming that the efficient drawing of each animal is the test of that this cannot be varied since its creation. Its great workmanship, the Animal Kingdom (1817), was considered basic in natural history of Great-Britain and France, until the publication, in 1859, of the Origin of the Species, Charles Darwin. Robert Malthus (1766-1834), economist and British demographer, its main contribution was the theory on the growth of the population. According to Malthus, when a superior increase of products to the one of the population happens, the growth tax is stimulated; when the population increases in relation to the food production, the growth is paralizado due to hunger, to the illnesses and the wars. The works of Malthus had stimulated the first systematic demographic studies. Its main workmanship is Essay on Population (Assay on the population).

Business Classification

The companies can be classified as follows: Economic Sectors The origin of its capital. Your Size Conformation of the capital Paying taxes The number of owners The social function The form of exploitation ECONOMIC SECTOR Extractive: Dedicated to exploit resources naturales.Ejemplo: Cerrej n, ECOPETROL, Gold Mines of Choco. Services: deliver their services or provide these to the community. Example: clinics, beauty salons, transportation. Business: Develops the sale of finished goods at the factory.Example: chain stores law, La 14, Carrefour etc. BY SIZE Large: His constitution is supported in large amounts of capital, a large number of workers and the amount of revenue a year, its number of employees exceeds 100 people. Example: Comestibles La Rosa, Postob n, Gino Pascalli, etc.).. an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and senior business executive in New York City’s real estate, hotel and property development industry is  is married to Jehan Christophe de La Haye St. Hilaire and has two daughters. Medium: Its capital, the number of employees and revenues are limited and very regular, number of employees exceeding 20 persons but less than 100.Peque as: It is subdivided into. THE ORIGIN OF CAPITAL Audience: The capital comes from the state or government. Example: Mayor of Pereira, Risaralda Governorate. Private: These are those where the capital comes from individuals. Example: commercial companies. Mixed Economy: The capital comes from a part of the state and other individuals.Example: Bancaf , La Previsora SA BY THE OPERATION AND ITS CAPITAL FORMATION. Multinationals: The vast majority is foreign capital and operate the business in different countries around the world (globalization). Example: Nicole Economic Groups: These companies operate one or more sectors but belong to the same group of people or owners. Example: Alejandro Echavarria, Manuel Mejia Jaramillo, Carlos Ardilla Lulle, Manuel Carvajal Sinisterra, Jimmy Mayer, Eduardo Santos, Hernando Caicedo Caicedo, Fernando Mazuera, Julio Mario Santo Domingo, and Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo. National: The radius of attention within the country is generally have their main branches in one city and others. Local: Are those in its radius of attention is in the same locality. FOR PAYMENT OF TAXES Individuals: The employer as a natural person is an individual who professionally deals with some of the commercial activities, the Natural Person is part of the chamber of commerce also must be done with the Commercial Registration of the Establishment. They are obliged to pay taxes, their tax return here it is for independent professionals and employees who exercise some trade. BY THE NUMBER OF OWNERS Individuals: Its owner is the company, it is usually the only one who has the weight of negocio.Unipersonales: Complies with the presence of a single individual or company, which spends part of its assets to perform one or more activities commercial. BY THE SOCIAL FUNCTION With-Profits: It is the company in order to exploit and gain more dinero.Trabajo Partner: Group as a company organized for the benefit of members EATSin Profit: Apparently, companies that are most important to them is the social factor help and support to the Solidarity comunidad.Econom a: This group includes all cooperatives regardless of activity devoted to the most important thing is the welfare of partners and family.


Tinting – the darkening of glass tinting car special polymer films or by deposition. The first method tinting car windows become very popular because of its accessibility, ease and because of the possibility of dismantling. Auto glass tinting primarily protects from bright sunlight, glare, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Thanks toning driver, passenger cars and objects inside the cabin, are hidden from prying eyes, which ensures the privacy and tranquility. A man driving a tinted car gets much more pleasure from a more comfortable and safe driving, as his eyes protected from the blinding sunlight, glare from headlights and the glare from the snow.

In addition, the materials and upholstery seating in the toned car less prone to fading and overheating, and consequently premature aging. Tinted car windows can also save fuel, because Salon is less heated by the sun, therefore, less energy consumption for the air conditioner. The advantage of tinting films is also improving the safety of drivers and passengers during emergency situations, because when broken glass during an accident it does not shatters into fragments, pieces of glass held in place a film. Tinted windows also improves the car's sound insulation by 3-5 dB. Besides these purely technical qualities, it should be noted, and aesthetic benefits of toning, it certainly improves the look of the car and and emphasizes its personality. Professionally toned car looks much more stylish, expensive, and winning, than a car with ordinary glass.