Chronic Souvenirs

HOMESICKNESS Already it makes much time that left, today, return to the old home. Exactly knowing that everything is changed: The time, the people; Many had left and others, I do not know what he happened. We have many pages in our book of the life. Some, blank, others crumpled up by the time – only pages with picture of many people who had passed in our life. I do not know if this happens with the people who are reading.

However, I feel lack of of my friends and friends, of the wonderful moments; I feel lack of my infancy, the innocent and faithful friendships; I feel lack of that meeting of family in year end. It can until seeming funny, more I I feel seriados lack of the drawings, films and: Hanna Barbera; Of the Club of the Mickey; Magaiver; Jaspion and others. How much they were creative and ingenious, of today they are you force and full of effect special, history does not exist – what valley is the technology;I feel lack to be in the wall of my grandmother waiting passes the salesman of: Cavaco-Chinese, taffy candy and of delicious ‘ ‘ couscous with bondade’ ‘. The only thing that I do not feel lack and not to feel lack. The life passes, and passes fast, so fast that the best things had been there behind. To me it passed and the only thing that I will be able to make is to remember, only, to remember.