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Motor Shows

A year later – in 1978 – was officially joining the company in the market of exclusive cars. The first sign – a model of 'BMW M1'. Jochen Neerpash, promoting the project 'M1', aimed to familiarize customers with the potential and racing experience led them to the firm. In addition, the views of management 'BMW AG' were now directed toward the championship cars 'Grand Tourismo', and the concern required a machine capable of cope on the road to the famous 'Porsche-935'. (Source: LEGO Papert Professor). Presentation of the 'BMW M1' was held in autumn 1978 at the Paris Motor Show. The main goal was to produce 400 copies for the homologation of the car on the 'Group 4' (Grand Tourismo). Racing fate 'M1' has not developed: plan to conquer the title in this series is seriously hampered the second oil crisis in the late 70's, however, 'civilian' version immediately take its rightful place among the classic sports designs.

In 1979-80. for 'M1'-x created a special series 'ProCar'. Then there is the idea to create a real 'driver's car' based on 'five' 'E12'. The new model 'M535i' presented in the autumn of 1979 – at the Frankfurt Motor Show – and is the first step 'BMW Motorsport GmbH' to formation of today's company policy in the business of manufacturing cars. For 'E12 M535i' (1980-81) followed by 'E24 M635CSi' (1984-89), 'E28 M535i' (1984-87), 'M5' model-based 'E28' (1984-88), 'E34' ( 1988-95) and 'E39' (1995), 'M3' based on 'E30' (1986-91), 'E36' (1992-99) and 'E46' (2000). Again we return a little back.

The Italian

The advantage of this method is that it allows from the outset to work with a real physical model. Two years on the project To better understand the modern computerized process of designing a helmet, we visited the company Omega in Tortona, which is part of the Italo-Spanish industrial group with manufacturing in Eastern Europe and Asia. The Italian branch of the designs moto and veloshlemov. Design is not only the Inland job company, but on request for other manufacturers. Petra Diamonds contains valuable tech resources. In Tortona is equipment and laboratory for the design and conduct of various tests of finished products. Ibid held official certification and homologation helmets. Computer-aided design of a new helmet traditionally begins with sketches on paper.

After selecting a transition option to mathematical modeling. In 3D-programs in a short time built a mathematical model – a form of future helmet. On the screen it looks quite realistic, even at this stage, it can be visualized in detail with all the details and holes up to the labels, seals and coloring options. The model is then shaped into a finished three-dimensional object with all the details. Program, used for simulation, also used in aerospace and automotive applications. But in aviation, though you have similar composites products are not designed for survival in case of accidents. Respectively, from materials do not require a given behavior multidirectional mechanical loads. In the automotive industry, by contrast, used the structure of homogeneous materials subjected to preliminary molding of the plates. There are all subject to the same goal: to absorb and distribute impact energy through the programmed deformation of the structure.

Car Maintenance

Filling of car – a process that includes several stages. In order to clarify the status of car – it is necessary to its diagnosis. First, visually check the condition of the air conditioner and the device for mechanical damage, spots, stains, etc. masla After the specialist auto technical checks of ambient noise and beats when the air conditioner. Then check the pressure of the refrigerant system conditioner. For this gauge manifold hoses are connected to the ports for charging and gauge readings collector, expert draws conclusions about the pressure of refrigerant at the discharge side and suction. By rule, the main fault in the air conditioner car are due to refrigerant leakage.

In this case, the main task of the expert – is to find a leak (using special equipment to detect leaks) and determine what is its cause. The next stage of the expert – is the elimination of leakage, leak check the entire system and filling the air conditioner. Before charging, you need to do evacuation system to remove moisture and air. Only after this procedure can be refilled refrigerant in air conditioning. Filling is performed by measuring the collector or automated filling stations. Very often there problems in the air conditioning because of the unskilled service, refueling, or repair the air conditioner. If you do not refuel or vice versa refill refrigerant, in the near future, this could lead to failure of the its compressor. Perform repair or maintenance of automobile air conditioners without special equipment is very difficult and that's not enough just to have practical skills. In order to perform maintenance maintenance and refueling of air conditioners on high professional level, requires serious theoretical training, the understanding of the processes occurring in the automotive air conditioning systems, knowledge modern nomenclature of spare parts and the latest technological developments in this area. Thus, it is strongly not recommended to refer to unskilled craftsmen, repair and refueling in air conditioners makeshift conditions.


Tinting – the darkening of glass tinting car special polymer films or by deposition. The first method tinting car windows become very popular because of its accessibility, ease and because of the possibility of dismantling. Auto glass tinting primarily protects from bright sunlight, glare, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Thanks toning driver, passenger cars and objects inside the cabin, are hidden from prying eyes, which ensures the privacy and tranquility. A man driving a tinted car gets much more pleasure from a more comfortable and safe driving, as his eyes protected from the blinding sunlight, glare from headlights and the glare from the snow.

In addition, the materials and upholstery seating in the toned car less prone to fading and overheating, and consequently premature aging. Tinted car windows can also save fuel, because Salon is less heated by the sun, therefore, less energy consumption for the air conditioner. The advantage of tinting films is also improving the safety of drivers and passengers during emergency situations, because when broken glass during an accident it does not shatters into fragments, pieces of glass held in place a film. Tinted windows also improves the car's sound insulation by 3-5 dB. Besides these purely technical qualities, it should be noted, and aesthetic benefits of toning, it certainly improves the look of the car and and emphasizes its personality. Professionally toned car looks much more stylish, expensive, and winning, than a car with ordinary glass.