Windows Live Hotmail

In recent decades the information management has revolutionized the world through the internet. They were three Duets for young people located in the same country during the same decade, but without knowing it, they noted the various problems encountered in the world of the database and wanted to give you solution. Google, Hotmail and Yahoo! three pillars which are kept even today revolutionized the database world. Each has its history, its characteristics, its functions, also its derivative emails: Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! They are three companies kept vying for the best technological service according to the needs of their customers and take the lead in this world. This competition has allowed to be improved one to another and give a last service. These three search engines Hotmail, Google and Yahoo! In a short time they have gathered millions of subscribers around the world and they same were embolsillado million dollars. They are three tools that have given us life in the network and have allowed communicate, obtain all kinds of information in a way easy, fast and above all free. For the creation of an email if what you want is to have more storage space to save all emails in an unlimited manner, because that is the feature of Yahoo!, while Google has a capacity of 7 GB, but for every 5 years add you 20 GB and 5 GB Windows Live Hotmail, but grows automatically.

Yahoo and Gmail are characterized by having a limit of 25 MB per message rather than Windows Live Hotmail that reaches 10 MB. Gmail is the only one that does not have expiration time by disuse, so you will never lose it since I believe it. The three are characterized by scan virus. So far only Gmail is characterized by tagging emails and the implementation of Ajax. Which of the three is better to create your email? Well it depends on the use that you give in your field of work, study or simply recreation. So it is in your hands the choice of mail that best suits your need.