The State

This is why the end of the universe has been conceived as that moment within billions of years, when have been turned off all stars and all the matter in the universe is at same temperature, just slightly above absolute zero. Similarly, psychologically speaking, the loss of mental or bodily energy translates into what Freud called the instinct of death, which although it is not universally accepted, however it is impossible to deny the simple fact that all humans are born to finish dying (Carpenter, 1997). On the other hand, the social sciences especially in this case history, politics and psychology can not forget the principles of reversibility and irreversibility that generated the concept of entropy. Both politicians and analysts of politics and on all those who do so from psychology cannot ignore the sense of entropy produced by various reasons, among which order variables should be considered objective/subjective as the State of the economy, respect for individual freedoms, the State of dependence or independence in which is justice and Parliament, etc.; as well as strict order subjective variables although not so disaffected issues objective such as the motivations, the State which passes Pocket economy and saturation through the permanence or crystallization of a system or political form of Government. If this were not so, it would suffice to save the results of the first choice of every country and already would ruler or system of Government for all eternity. Which, no doubt, is a real nonsense, not just intellectual, but also political in its strictly Republican sense. If we rescued these concepts instinct of death and compulsion to repetition of the field of theoretical and clinical practice, and moved them to the field of social phenomena in general and the political facts in particular, then show us almost continuously that there are actions that pose real political suicide, both leaders and party organizations what is what leads to a leader or political candidate to make absurd readings of reality that, obviously, end up in resounding failures? Some analysts often talk of sinister and manageable environments, but apart from this explanation simplistic, a person or a group, often reaching high levels of political power.