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The solar maximum of 2000 was enough to increase the global concentrations of O3 in about 3% above average. An interesting point, is that a possible solar cycle exists, of about 90 years (Cycle of Gleissberg), that it foresees that the Sun goes to be in a great minimum of activity (minimum minimorum) in next the two solar cycles (next 22 years), that is, of now until years 2022-23, if to repeat the cycles previous (1890-1915 and 1800-1825). Of this form, it is possible that the layer of O3 of course diminishes in function of the lesser flow of UV. (Amongst the hundreds of studious – and consultants of industries of refrigeration gases – it will be that alone I know of this) It will be that I will make right mine ' ' previso' '? there? They will be ' ' substitutos' ' , or the remainders of the CFCs, the causers of the reduction (fluctuation) of the layer of O3 in the future? To wait and to see what it happens! Annex two figures one that the increase of concentration of O3 with the time shows (1996-2001) and another one that shows the number of solar spots of the cycle that we are living ' ' Cycle 233. It notices the minimum of O3 in 1996 (minimum the solar one), the relative maximum in 1998 and the maximum in 2000 (maximum solar). FIGURE 1. Monthly average global concentrations of O3comparadas with the minims registered in 1996. FIGURE 2.

SOLAR CYCLE 23. One observes the minimum of 1996, the relative maximum of 1998 and the absolute maximum of 2000. Forecast of minimum for 2007-08. If &#039 cannot try to conserve the Planet using; ' verdades' ' scientific not proven! It is important to clarify the population on the limitations of the current scientific knowledge and to fight for the conservation under the argument that, being the observed database small, exists an uncertainty how much to the capacity of the man to intervene with basic phenomena of the climate, as effect-greenhouse layer of O3. In the doubt, currently existing, it is better to conserve reducing activities that can intervene with the climatic system.