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Albert Einstein Saber

There are only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the first Albert Einstein Saber to seize the opportunity of life already is a big step forward, we do not know if we will be the next day, therefore the present must live intensely and to give all those actions that generate us growth, personal development indicating that we are so attentive in our transit pass. You have to know to deal with situations, everything that is presented to us in our development of roles that we play. Not the slightest doubt, that some improvements that are manifested in our behavior, are rooted in our minds and act subconsciously for us until we identify them and decided what to do with them. After identifying them can catalog them in as to its usefulness for our main purpose in life, if we are tooling strengthen them, otherwise erradicamos them. Osho points out: let the world disappears from you and that you disappear from the world. Gives a rotation, a rotation of 180 degrees and looks towards inside.

At first you’ll only see clouds. To read more click here: Accenture. What does not concern you! These clouds have been created by your concerns. You will find the anger, hatred, greed, with all kinds of black holes. You’ve been repressing them, why they are there. And that flames religions have taught as suppressing them, why are like wounds. You’ve begun to cover them. Why is the catharsis that I emphasise first unless you atravieses a great catharsis will have to pass through many clouds. It will be exhausting and can make you feel so impatient that you return again to the world and then you say, there is nothing. There are no lotuses or fragrances, only there is garbage that stinks. You know: when you close your eyes and start to go toward your inside with what do you find? You’re not with these beautiful places of those who speak the Buddhas.